True Love is…

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True Love is reading each and every post I put up on this blog
True Love is kissing me every night before we go to bed
True Love is kissing me every morning even before I brush my teeth
True Love is learning my passions right along side me
True Love is supporting my dreams, no matter how crazy they are
True Love is feeding my cookbook addiction
True Love is eating all my creations even if they don’t turn out just right
True Love is telling me I’m beautiful even if I don’t agree
True Love is bettering yourself for our family
True Love is looking out for my dog
True Love is helping out my family
True Love is blowing off my temper tantrums
True Love getting excited over the little things with me
True Love is listening to me rant and rave when things don’t go quite as planned
True Love is calling me just to say I love you
True Love is pushing me to be my best
True Love is you, being you!

**Ok sorry, I guess I’ll quit being so mushy 🙂

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  1. SO sweeet! I love that he reads your blog, and even better that he comments. kudos to PC! 🙂

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