A Missouri Style Blizzard

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So I guess this is what I get for saying I’m from the Show Me State….

This was around 10am this morning.

This is out my kitchen window.  Remember I live in a Berm house… that’s about halfway from the ground to my roof…

We couldn’t get out our front door so this is out the office door (it’s under the carport, but trust me, there’s snow there too)

So I spent my day making a Valentine’s Day Wreath I found over on Ashley’s blog.
1st gather your material.  The only thing I’m missing is ribbon… but with snow, so deep a Tahoe can’t get through… I doubt I’ll be running to the store immediately to get some…
So you want your glue gun, a foam wreath, scissors, a ruler (or tape) and you’ll need 30 9×13 felt sheets or enough felt (if bought by the yard) to make 120 4.5″ squares.


I went for mostly reds and whites but had a few purples and pinks thrown in there.

Then you cut the corners off your squares and then spiral it in to the center.  It doesn’t have to be precise… roses themselves aren’t identical.


Then you grab the middle and start spiraling the loose end around and secure the end.  What’s great is felt sticks to itself for the most part!!  You’ll wind up with 120 rosettes… (get that 120 squares, 120 rosettes… wohoo)

Then start gluing them on with hot glue.

Just as Ashley stated, it doesn’t look great at first but don’t give up!

Once you are finished, it looks like this.  All I need is the ribbon to tie around it so I can put it on our front door.

At 4pm PC and I were sick of staying in the house.  This is what my kitchen window looked like.  About 2″ clearance between the roof and the snow.  (Now at 6:50, you can’t even see the treeline and NO not b/c the light is gone… the snow is all covering that up.  It’s all you see is snow)

This is one of our skylights.  You can’t see anything and the house is very dark today.

This is out the window… still can’t get the front door open.

Now I’m hanging out the office door again

This is hanging out the office door the other direction.

Once I came back in PC gave me some great winter clothes (helps that he was in the US Army at one time and this stuff is good to 30 below) So out we went.

Audrey disappears in the snow…

Look how far PC is in the snow…

But that didn’t stop him from making a snow angel.


The snow was so deep it was hard to move it.

Here I am in the snow.  Not quite knee deep but very close.

I tried my luck at a snow angel but…..

Audrey bombarded me.

But isn’t our house gorgeous right now?

I honestly am not sure I’ve ever seen this much snow.  Wait… I’m from SW MO right, not MN?  This is what this storm system looks like from space.  How cool is this?

And just so you know… it’s still snowing… YUCK!  But it’s finally deciding to move off to the North and East.  Good luck my fellow friends!  But the weatherman, says we’re in for another round of this stuff starting sometime next week…

Stay warm and stay safe my friends!!

19 thoughts on “A Missouri Style Blizzard

  1. We have MAJOR snow here. Hard to guess exactly how much snow because the wind has blown so hard, but I'm certain we have close to 18″. We have drifts behind our house that are seriously 4' deep. And its still snowing here. Just checked the radar and I THINK it's almost over. Be safe and stay warm!

  2. Welcome:) I see you found your way to my place. Love your fun snow pictures! We have light snow going on here. Love that you made snow Angels! Too fun

  3. Wow, that's A LOT of snow that I would HATE, haha. Very pretty to look at, but not to get out in. But the snow angels sure are fun. 😉

    That wreath is adorable! I love crafty little things like that. 🙂

  4. I love the wreath and don't worry – we got hit with snow this morning too – it just started and we are only suppose to get 15 cm which isnt a lot compared to other places…but the wind makes it really bad!

  5. You got a lot more snow than we did, but our winds were horrid!! The super-deep snow angels are really cute! LOL!!!

    FYI, I got your email, too, and will respond shortly 🙂

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