It's a list, That's what I'm feeling!

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1.  I’ve been watching forecast after forecast of what the weather is supposed to do.  It keeps getting worse and worse… but I’m from the Show Me State, I’ll believe it when I see it… and Nope that’s not a challenge for it to happen!  I’d rather it blow past and I’ll go to work tomorrow thankyouverymuch!

2.  I have a headache.  I don’t know why… I wish it would go away!

3.  My husband has decided I need to quit with the projects or else he’s going to get something to tinker with himself.  I’m about done with all 3 (one is complete) so I’ll show you when I’m finished with everything I’ve been working on.

4.  My step-daughter had a Cheerleading competition this weekend and we were able to attend.  My parents went down with us.  She did excellent.  I laughed b/c one of the first things she asked me when we met up with her was, “Did you take any pictures?”  I told her I sure did 🙂

5.  Saturday morning I was awake at 5am.  Sunday morning I was awake at 6:30am and this morning I was startled awake by a bad dream at 10 minutes to 5am.  Someone needs to tell my system that it is morning, it’s sleep sleep time!

6.  My bad dream was my husband and I were out and about and had to go fill up his vehicle.  We went to pay for it with a debit card and their system was down.  They had to have cash.  Usually he’s the one who will have a couple dollars on him, not me but this time it was the other way around so I went out to my purse to get the cash and as I was digging in my wallet I caught a lady out of the corner of my eye.  The next thing I knew I was fighting her for my wallet.  I woke up with goosebumps ALL OVER and ever hair on my body I swear was standing up on end!

7.  So far our lamb count is at 1 set of triplets and 3 sets of twins.  We lost one set of twins :(.  It sucks to lose them as babies.  Well it sucks to lose them at any time but still, it’s so sad!

8.  I had a package that was coming to me Fedex.  I had it shipped here at work.  They tried to deliver it on Saturday while work was closed so you’d think the next logical thing would be to ship it on Today’s delivery truck.  Apparently they missed that memo so it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  You know, when we have all this “historic” snow.

9.  They’ve even bumped us up to Blizzard levels.

10.  Refer back to Number 1.

11.  I went on a date once… it was a blind date.  He asked me if I’d like some water (we met at a club) and I said sure.  He brought it back to me and I took one drink and got the weirdest look on my face.  When he asked me what was wrong my response was, “Water, it makes you pee.”  Oddly enough we went on a couple more dates.

12.  I only bring up that rather odd piece of info because well… I’ve drank A LOT of water today!

13.  So on that note, I’ll be happy that my kidneys work great and I’ll jump off here and go relieve my bladder.

14.  Sorry, TMI??

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  1. LOL! Girl you are a nut! We've already got quite a bit of ice…………….I'm thinking we are gonna get it. The snow is spose to start tonight. I'll be happy when my man is home safe and snug!

  2. thank you for the comment. I have read your posts before, I enjoy them and they make me laugh….


    PS…ended up downloading the entire Bruno Mars CD…..thanks for the previous post!

  3. Ha! No need to temp the storm, gal! It hasn't quite hit here yet but my sister-in-law in Denver says it's already pretty much shut down everything over there.

    FedEx can be so aggravating sometimes!

    Sorry to hear about your babies, too. I could never raise lambs. It was hard enough raising foals, and losing a few of those…..

  4. Some places return packages when they can't be delivered, so maybe call FedEx and make sure they will deliver when weather allows? Or see if they can deliver it to your home address or something.

    I'm crossing my fingers and praying that the weather people are wrong for once and that the weather won't be as bad as predicted. ♥

  5. LOL i love your update posts. and yes it is a little tmi but your quick whit makes up for it <3

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