Learning to take better Photos

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Everyone always chooses different things to focus spare time on. Well besides showing horses last year I took on Cake Decorating. It was cool but extremely stressful so I thought, hmmm what else could I try. I came up with photos. I love taking pictures… So I took a class on Photography with 2 of my friends. It was called Taking Better Pictures. It was interesting! I learned some techniques I might not have tried before and I got an awesome new camera… I am glad I took the class. The teacher would recommend different reading material for us and I signed up for one set of newsletters she recommended. In my quest to learn more, one of the topics that I read about was learning to teach others to pose. It said to teach others to pose, you first should learn to teach yourself. Then you know what works best with the camera, what looks horrible, and how to pose to get the “right” shot. So I have the most amazing boyfriend and he and I have been on this quest. Learning to teach ourselves and the other how to pose in front of the camera. We’ve also included his daughter. We’ve gotten some good shots, we’ve gotten some bad shots, and we’ve gotten some hilarious shots. Part of our quest is also to learn to enhance and edit them. He knows more than I do, but I really haven’t sat down yet to take the time and learn. I figure this winter when it is snowy and cold out, that will be how I spend my time. I have no idea where this will take me, but in the end, I will have better photos!!!

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