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So I’m not going to lie… sometimes I can be a nerd.  Sometimes I actually like studying!  Although I had to learn the Axial Skeleton {your cranium + face, your ribs & your vertebrae} the for a test I took earlier this week, yeah by Monday night I was sick of the axial skeleton and that’s how these photos came to be…

What can I say, I should have been studying, but I kind of already knew the bones, processes & foramen of that particular skeleton that I was getting bored studying it.  Anyway now I get to go on and learn the Appendicular Skeleton {all the rest of your bones basically… namely your limbs because well that’s what’s left}.  Whoohooo! so you might get some fun pictures come next week too, I’m just sayin 🙂

So lately I’ve gotten into LOVING Collage photos.  There’s just something about it.  You can tell a story with them:

Or you can let them tell their own story:

Or you can use it to make a Chronological time line: {Thanksgiving}

You can just randomly throw photos together and call it art:

Ok so maybe that’s not art… but you get the picture, right?

So as of lately, I’ve been on the hunt to find pictures to make my different collages.  See I told you I’m a nerd!  Yesterday though, while looking for a specific photo (the first one I’ll show you) I ran across two photos that I absolutely love.  Obviously I told you one I was looking for, the other I ran across while looking for this one.  There is something about these two photos that I absolutely LOVE!

The first one was just playing around with hubs {friend at the time} Nikon Point & Shoot, where my arms were stretched as far forward as they’d go, hoping I’d get us both in the shot and the other was right after I bought my first dSLR and he agreed to help me learn how to use the dang thing.  That one was done with a 10 second timer.

We’ve taken a lot of photos since first hanging out, remember we were just friends right at first, to the point we upgraded my dSLR {which I’ve had that one since um… sometime before Thanksgiving last year}, yet there is something about those 2 pictures that I always go back to because I just love them.

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