First Job

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So my grandma had her 60th class reunion. Could you imagine, 60 years!! Well, they needed a photographer and she asked me if I’d be willing to come in, take a class shot, and snap a few candid shots. No problem I thought. Boy did I come to a realization real fast… ASK what she wants beforehand. I called her 2 days before to double-check the time and place and she was like, “Now make sure you have packages for them to buy from.” What? YIKES… ok, so my mom and I spent 2 lunch hours at work finalizing packages, options, etc. So I knew I was ready to go. I walked into the Church where this was held shaking. My nerves took over. But I kept my cool the best I could and started walking around taking photos. Those seniors were awesome. Some avoided me, some smiled, some posed and some never knew I was there. I loved it because they couldn’t hear my camera take. They are a little hard of hearing and my camera is very quiet. Without a flash, they never saw me coming. My mom went with me to the job. She was the money taker and she also helped round them up when it came time to take the photos. After that came time to come home and edit. The fabulous boyfriend stepped up to the challenge. We used photoshop to touch up the photos and add writing. This was so far the best first shoot I could have asked for.

So the most awesome boyfriend in the world, Prince Charming and I have decided to embark on a new adventure. Every person has a different idea when a word is popped out. We’ve decided to do a weekly entry based on a word. We are both going to take photos of whatever our word is and then we’ll post. We’ll see what each other comes up with. (Prince Charming if you are reading, no cheating off me, do your own homework… I helped you in high school but you are old enough now to take on your own responsibilities) I love you!!!

This weeks word is: Halloween

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