Lunchroom Lady Brownies

One day last week, I had a rough day. Nothing terrible went wrong per say, just it wasn’t a good day. Again… I’d take it over a really bad day any day of the week, but still. Hmm…… I wonder how many more times I can say day in this paragraph… Anyway, like I was saying before I got off on the day tangent, it just wasn’t a spectacular day. Enter in…

Lunchroom Lady Brownies.

It’s back to school in these parts. I was looking at all the back to school photos on Facebook. I was wondering if I’ve screwed up by not putting Abug in Preschool this fall. She’s only 3. But she is 3. back and forth. Round and round I went. Where I stopped, well feeling lousy about myself. I’m still not sure how I feel about the situation, but we won’t dwell on that another day…. at this point anyway.


How To: The Bang Twist

Ok so I got a little creative this morning and decided to do a little vlog on my hair.  I know, crazy right?  Me doing a vlog first off and secondly about my hair.  I think I’m probably the most hair challenged person in the world.

So here’s my attempt at showing you how to do your hair.

On a side note, if you do this and plan on being outside for a while… make sure you put sunblock on the part on top of your head or else you’ll burn your scalp!  Ouch!