Our Kitchen Remake

When we moved into the house, our kitchen had these cabinets. They aren’t bad, they’re just not what we wanted. We priced replacing them but right now it just isn’t in the budget. So for just under 4 years we’ve lived with them. One day while we were walking around Lowes (which you know you’ve grown up when you love wandering around Lowes) we found this cabinet refinisher kit. It was even on sale so hubby and I thought, sure, why not.

Haha, then it sat at our house for a few months. I got pregnant and no one would let me touch the paint and then the fact that I was in school and whatnot and hubby works and it just didn’t work. Then one day we decided it was time to get the cabinets done, especially since we’re having a baby shower here at my house this weekend.

So I went without kitchen cabinet doors for a little over a month. It made it really easy to get stuff in and out of the cabinets but at the same time I really missed my cabinet doors. My mom, father-in-law and husband did the sweetest thing for me and repainted my cabinets for me with this refinisher stuff we got from Lowes.

And botta bing, botta boom.

So I just wanted to show the finished look. We took down the tile backsplash and replaced with faux bricks (I love the brick look) and then we made the cabinets look brand new. I Love my new kitchen. It’s really lightened it up and it’s really dark because remember… I live in a berm house.

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What’s up with the Crazy Weather?!?!

Here we are approaching the 2nd Anniversary of the Joplin Tornado.  A tornado that did major devastation to my part of the country and yet we’re not the only part of the country that is hurting.  Just yesterday Moore Oklahoma was hit by an EF5 tornado.  I have a college friend and her husband who live in Moore.  She said they were okay and that their house was 1000 feet from being taken out by the tornado.

I really am starting to wonder why Mother Nature is so upset lately.  Is it just me and the fact that I’m older so I pay more attention, or is the weather becoming crazier?  Can anyone shed some light on that?

So Sunday afternoon we were headed to pick my mom up from her work trip to Germany.  She was in Germany 2 years ago when the Joplin tornado hit.  She found out by watching International news and calling my dad at 1am to chew him out for not telling her what was going on.  I tried to call her but dad said it would be the middle of the night and that he’d call her first thing in the morning.  Just so happens our mornings here started 7 hours after her morning there.  Rude awakening for everyone involved.  Then mom called me at work to chew me out for not making dad call her.  My phone call came in at 10am.

Anyway, they were calling for bad weather.  This is what the sky looked like just before we left to head for the airport.

Which was a bit eery seeing as though this was the predicted forcast for the evening.


Missouri weather changes in a New York Minute

Welcome to Missouri… where the winter will surprise you every time!  We’ve pretty much been going through a drought the last couple of years.  What’s new, a lot of the country has been.  Our last big snow happened in February 2011.  Last year we didn’t get any, or well a light dusting.  And then this year was shaping up to be the same.

Back in January, we got a small snow.  Not much at all and by the next day it was gone.  As you can tell, the road is pretty well dry.  This was the next day.

Sure the woods and the field still had a bit of snow in it because no one drives through it… ok well that’s a lie, we did… but that’s besides the point.  When we got home that day hubby asked if I wanted to go with him.  I said, absolutely, so away we went.

The timber was pretty, although it was mainly ice, not as much snow.  That’s really pretty typcical for Missouri weather anyway… ice.  Back in 2007 we were without power for a week.  We had a huge ice storm come through and knock power out for most everyone.  It was not a fun time.  Getting up in the wee hours of the morning and seeing your breath in the bathroom.  Nope, no running water either. 

Living out in the country where we do, we’re on well water, so no power, no well.  No well, no water.  We went and bucketed it up from the creek.  Boy that was fun, lemme tell ya.  We didn’t have a generator so at night we sat in the dark or next to candles.  It was like being transferred back to pioneer days after you had all the modern day experiences.  By the end of that week I was grumpy.

So anyway, back to my story present day.  I watched the weather channel all fall and it said we really would have a dry winter.  So when we got this very light snow fall, we went and enjoyed it, thinking this might just be it.  That was the case last year anyway.

When you have snow melting and very cold nights (ok so not very cold compared to some of my readers, but cold for Missourians) you get nice icicles that form.

Yes, I kind of made an unhappy discovery in the back of the beast… It is in the form of my roasting pan covered in mud.  This was sure a fun one to clean :(… NOT.

It was nice while it lasted, but like I said, it lasted about a day.  Of course I get sick of the snow very easily because I’m a hot weather girl myself.

So jump into February and more particularly last week, we were under a Winter Weather Advisory.  We were in the southern tip of it (however I hear that parts of Texas got dumped on about the same time) so we didn’t get much.  It was all gone the next day.

Then this week hit.  They put out the Winter Weather Advisory on Sunday.  Said our area was in the 1-3 inches category, but be prepared.  And this was the beauty I got to drive to work in come Tuesday morning.

And it really snowed all the way into Wednesday afternoon, then the sun came out.  Rule around here, if you don’t like the weather, hang around 30 minutes, it’s bound to change! 🙂

When the sun came out, we hit about 35 degrees and everything started melting.  All the prime time to get photos, I was stuck at work.  Oh well… such is life.

That and I really don’t like snow, but it sure is darn pretty while it’s falling!

Now our field is half visible half white.  That’s after a day of “warmth” as they call it.  I’m going to call it more a day where the snow quit falling.

But it sure is pretty!

Although Marlie, Audrey & Rio didn’t agree with me so much.

So now, we’re at Friday.  The snow has moved out of the area.  We’re looking at a high today of 34.  A high tomorrow of 39 and a high of 54 by Sunday.  Yeah I told you, if you don’t like the weather, hang around, it’ll change.

Oh well, at least I got to experience some snow, right.  It was the ice I could deal without!  I slipped and fell at work the other day in the parking lot on ice.  My pride was hurt more than anything, although my body aches.  I landed on my laptop, my camera fell off my arm and slammed against the concrete and there were spectators to watch.  It was a grand day.  But at least I’m safe and the snow/ice will be gone! 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend!

What he would miss…

You know, we all have our funny little quirks.  Those “ticks” that make us who we are and separate us from everyone else.

I got home from work the other day and hubby walked into the bedroom, looked at the bed and said, “Well, I know what you decided not to wear today.”  And it’s true.

First off, I’m not a morning person, no matter how hard I try to be, so getting up and getting dressed, well I have that down to an art.  I know exactly when I have to have whatever I’m doing done by so I can get to work on time.  hair, make-up, contacts in, teeth brushed, clothes on, shoes on, etc.

The one problem with all of that I have though is…
                        dun dun dun….

What am I going to wear that morning to work.

I walk into the closet, decide on one thing, then grab something else, realize they don’t match and instead of hanging them back up, I throw them on the bed and go after something else.  Some mornings it looks like my side of the closet just threw up on the bed.

When I come home that night, I generally put all my clothes away and they wait for the next day’s dressing adventure.

Maybe I’m wrong here, but I truly believe that is something that my wonderful husband would miss about me.

Oh and hey, go check out this post!  It might tell a little something about yours truly!  And if you are here from this post, please leave me a note and let me know!

p.s. Don’t forget about the Extravaganza that starts TOMORROW!!!!!!

Faux Monday

I had a completely different post in mind for this morning, but this was too great not to share… I think…

Just call me the crazy lady after this post I think!

So at 4ish am this morning my little dog (the Cocker) is barking her head off.  I finally decided I needed to get up and at least make sure she or the Lab hadn’t fallen in the pool and were trying to get our attention.  Nope.  So I went back to sleep.

Well tried anyway.  About 5 minutes later I got up to yell at her and tell her to quit barking but hubs beat me to it.  She quit for all of about 5 minutes and then started up again.  So he got up, went outside to see what was going on.

When he came back in he said it was sprinkling.  Yey!  (side note sorry) and I said I thought it had been thundering.  He said, no the Lab has been running across our roof.  (Now remember, my house is a Berm house so it’s surrounded by ground on 3 sides and it’s only about 2 feet from the ground to my roof.)  So he yelled at them for that and we proceeded to go back to bed.

Nope, the Cocker starts friggin barking again.  But eventually I must have been tired enough because I fell back asleep.

Hubby got up and left early this morning because he had a dentist appointment so when he went to leave our Cocker ran him back into the woods where we have an old pickup parked like there was something out there.  When he went to investigate she ran tail between her legs all the way back to the house like she was scared of him or something.  Don’t know if that is involved with any of this story or not….  but it’s weird it happened today!

So as a side funny, my alarm goes off at 6:35 and I must have been dreaming because about the time the alarm went off in my dream I slapped myself in my face.  Weird I know.

So I’m up, getting dressed and I hear this thump thump thump thump thump starting from the far end of my house to right above my head.  I realize its the dogs running across the roof again.  btw, they’ve never done this before that I know of!  So we have a door in our bedroom so I go running out of it.  Now please remember I’m getting dressed so at this point… well I might have been naked…..  I live in the country and have a privacy fence for all but about 6 feet outside my door.  Anyway I go running outside yelling at them.

They looked at me like geez lady, take a chill pill.  So I went back in the house to finish getting dressed.  About 5-10 minutes later I hear the thump thump thump thump thump starting from the far end of my house to right above my head again.  By this time I might have been swearing just a bit.  I go running out the door again, this time, bra & panties with my dress in my hand trying to get it over my head.  I proceed to yell at them again.  This time they ran from me.

So I went back in the house to finish getting ready.  I had enough time to put on what was left of my make-up, turn the tv off, brush my teeth, call hubby and tell him about this ruckus, find my shoes and grab my cell phone.  Hubby told me to put them in the crate if I could.  So I go walking down the hallway and realize they are walking around on the roof of the house.

I kicked my heels off and took off running out the front door as quietly and as quickly as I could so I could catch them in the act.  I just about ran out into the front yard (where they generally do their business…. buttheads 20 acres and they choose that patch) so I ran back in, grabbed my flip flops and tore off outside again.

Sure enough they were on the friggin roof.  I took off one of my shoes and threw it at them which caused them to go up and over the top to the back side.  So I tore off across the patio toward my bedroom and jumped on the roof, one shoe on, one shoe off and in a dress (yeah I was cute) yelling at them to get off the friggin roof.

Have you ever run across a roof barefooted?  It doesn’t feel so good.  Just saying.

Anyway they tore off the far end and turned around and looked at me with front paws on the guttering, so I took my other shoe off and threw that at them.  They got down then.  I decided I’d leave my shoe on the roof and let hubby get it but, but then decided that well, if I can’t get them in the crate they’ll eat my shoe so I ran back across the roof, grabbed my shoe and jumped off the roof and ran around the back side of the house barefooted.  {Not a brilliant idea because these dumb dogs tore our Christmas lights off last year and who knows if there is broken glass :(.}  So I take off running and screaming at them and they hightailed it to the front of the house.  I ran across the gravel barefooted, grabbed them and put them in their crate.

So here we are, my dogs are in trouble, my throat hurts from screaming and my feet are aching b/c of the roof.  Oy, it might as well be a Monday!

The Other Morning

His alarm went off as I was laying there in bed.  At first I thought it was mine so I slammed the night stand but when the noise didn’t stop and my cell phone hit the floor I realized it was his.  Oh come on hunny, make that damn thing shut up already, please!  I rolled over and kicked him in the leg hoping that would get him to budge or at least make the stupid alarm shut up.  I seriously wasn’t ready to get out of bed, but that dumb beep beep beep sound was slowly waking me up.  I knew if I got too awake that I’d never get back to sleep and I still had just over an hour left of good quality sleep before I had to start fighting my alarm.

Finally after the second nudge I felt him move and shut the alarm off.  He crawled out of bed, walking around the bed toward the bathroom, quickly stopping by my side of the bed to give me a “good morning, I love you” kiss.  Then he grabbed his clothes and headed out of the room to get dressed in the living room so not to wake me with lights and sound.

A few minutes later I thought I heard him talking to the pups as he let them out, then he closed the door behind him.  I heard the door lock.  That was it, he’d left for work.  I rolled over to snuggle up to his side of the bed so I could feel like I was closer to him and hopefully I could doze back off.

A few minutes later I thought I heard the stool flush.  It jolted me awake.  I laid there, frozen.  There shouldn’t be anyone in the house.  I know I just heard hubby leave.  I laid there frozen, scared to move.  If someone was in the house, what would I do?  I could grab my cell phone and call someone but we don’t get service at our house.  I couldn’t remember where I left the house phone last and it’s so dark in here I’m not sure I could find it without making noise.  Then I realized I was laying there without clothes on.  Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.  Last I remembered I had a pair of shorts on the bed post along with a t-shirt but silly me left most all my shoes by the front door.  There were some of hubbys in the closet, but if I put them on I couldn’t make a fast get away, I would trip over them because they are too big.

Then I heard voices talking.  Really?  Some guy named John or maybe they said Jason.  Heck I wasn’t sure, my heart was beating so loud that it felt like it was pounding in my ears and it was making it hard to hear. Dammit, dammit, dammit.  What am I going to do.  I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see the clock to even know what time it was.  What if my alarm went off, would they come after me?  Would they know I was here?

You know, I could get into my bathrobe faster that the shorts and then just sneak out the bedroom door that leads outside.  But I have to turn that dumb lock and the door makes a really loud sound when it opens.  What am I going to do?

Then I heard foot steps coming down the hallway.  Oh crap, I don’t have enough time.  Maybe if I jump into the bathroom and lock the door, then I could escape through the bathroom window?

Just as the person should been to our bedroom door I shuttered.  I shuttered so hard I jumped off the bed an inch and when I hit the mattress it jolted my eyes open.  I was breathing hard, shaking, listening.  I didn’t hear anything.  I looked around from under the covers; the covers that by this time I had pulled up to my eyes.  Nothing.

The deafening silence still had me shaking.  I crawled out of bed, grabbed my glasses and looked at the clock.  6:15a.m.  I found the house phone and punched in hubby’s cell number.  He answered and I started whispering.  He asked why I was whispering and I told him what had happened, then I asked him if he locked the front door.  He said yes.  So I told him I wanted him on the phone in case there was someone in the house, so at least he’d know.  I slowly walked down the hallway peering into every room. I was thanking God at this point we have a 1 story house.

Once I got to the front door I made sure it was locked, then I proceeded on to the office.  That door was locked too.  I was so tense ever muscle in my body ached.  I walked back to the bedroom and double checked that door, locked.  I opened the blinds, no one outside except the dogs who were sleeping in front of the door.

We finally decided I must have fallen back to sleep without realizing it and had that crazy dream.  Had someone been there the dogs wouldn’t be sleeping peacefully in front of the door.  A crazy dream, really?  That’s all I can figure out, but it was enough to jolt me awake.  In fact, I couldn’t go back to sleep by that time so I got up, turned on tv and started watching The Nanny before I had to get dressed and head to work.


And yes, this is a true story.  This is how I was so abruptly woken up the other morning, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty freaked out.  I do have some pretty crazy weird dreams.  At least this one wasn’t about the aliens who were eating purple and green and yellow and orange brains!

Hillbilly Water Park

So y’all remember we haven’t had the best of luck with our pool… Well… Some of my family pitched in to help us replace our pool liner which was a huge relief.  However we called around to price installation & liners… people around these parts are flippin out of their mind!  So we ordered our pool liner and had friends/family come out and we replaced it our self!

Bad part about that, having to use well water to fill it, especially since we haven’t had rain in what seems like months.  Those few sprinkle showers here and there don’t count!

On a side note, I’m so ready to Dance In The Rain!!!!!!

So it’s been slow filling it up, however, what better way to celebrate my birthday & T’s birthday then by making a make-shift water park, like we did earlier this summer when we were filling up the pool!  Bring it on!

Hey it was hot, the water was COLD!  and we didn’t have to stand around in lines for hours to ride rides at a water park, what more could you ask for?

I swear the kids had frog feet, they just walked right up it.

The adults, didn’t have that kind of luck so we went up backwards on our butts 🙂

It's Getting Hot Out Here

Last summer a glass candle got put out by our pool and by the end of summer it got bumped and busted in our pool.  We got majority of the glass out of the bottom (it’s 12 feet at the deep end) but to be sure that we got all the glass out, we completely drained the pool and shop-vaced it out.  Then we had to re-fill it.  We aren’t done refilling it yet, even but we got a good start this weekend.

But while we were at it… it was hot (we broke record highs over the weekend), the water was inviting… so we played too :).  Earl brought her kids over and we all had a hay day!

Just as Earl and the kid showed up I was standing on the slope, hit a wet slick spot and down I went.  Now we have well water and our pool never gets warm anyway, but filling it with well water, it was chilly!

T is a fish 🙂

Since it slopes down to the deep end, we had the water hose put into the skimmer and the pump sucked it out the jets so it made the slope like a slip’n’slide.


Plus we were careful and made sure we wore our Sunscreen.

Hi Hubby!

We actually had so much fun we joked around about keeping it this way… LOL

I just wanted to be sure you knew I really was there.

Then we broke out some of the fun pool toys.

and PC blew up Tbug’s float for Moo to use.

And finally out came the water guns

When that happened we decided Earl needed a swimsuit.  She teased me about not being able to fill out my top so I told her I’d loan her Tbug’s.  We all got a good laugh at that slam.

That first “in” to the water is cold!

We had a fun couple hours!