Chili’s {Joplin, MO}

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Starting this out it seems like all I am able to write about is food posts, but I promise this blog will be more than about food! My mother is kicking butt at losing weight so when I am with her we choose restaurants she’ll be able to eat at. I really should take cues from her, but that’s another post for another day. One restaurant she can find things to eat at is Chili’s and we recently got one in Joplin. By the way, does that make you want to sing the Baby Back Rib song that used to be their commercial theme song? If it didn’t, but it does now, you’re welcome :).

In the last two weeks, I have been out to lunch with my mom and we have wound up eating at Chili’s. This particular day I did their lunch special. You pick between a house salad with choice of dressing, their new Fresco Salad, Chili or Soup, and your entree. As you can see I went house salad with Ranch dressing and the 2 Big Mouth Bites.

If you read the regular menu, the option is 4 Big Mouth Bites. It says they are supposed to have bacon, cheese, and grilled onions. I really wasn’t sure that day if I got any bacon or not. I never pulled the lid off my burger to see, but still, I didn’t really taste or see it with the top on my bun. They were good though.

The other day I was there, no pictures, but I got the Ultimate Bacon Burger. It had double bacon, cheddar, pickles (which I took off), Red onion (which I took off), tomato, Jalapeño aioli (that’s mayo), Buffalo sauce, & Honey Chipotle sauce. While this burger was friggin awesome, I felt like the buffalo sauce &/or the Honey Chipotle sauce overpowered the burger and I never tasted the jalapeño aioli. Oh, it was messy too but sometimes that means good!

One thing I noted… I was looking through the menu the second time we were there. I glanced at the lunch specials and then dove into the regular menu. I noticed one of the salads (I can’t remember which one) was the same price whether you ordered off the lunch menu or the regular menu. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the same size if you ordered it off the lunch menu because usually, lunch is smaller portions and cheaper, but the price wasn’t any cheaper… $9.99. Just makes you wonder.

I do have a tendency to look between lunch menus and regular menus to see if there is a difference in prices/sizes, etc.




*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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