Stress & the Loving Husband

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Ah, I swear, I forgot how stressful being a college student can be some days.  Yesterday I went to class.  After class was over I decided to go home and study vs going to the library, partially because I was hungry and didn’t have any food with me.  So I drove home and pulled out all my homework.

  • British Literature: Finish book 2 of Paradise Lost, Some research & a media project.
  • Intro to Writing about Literature: I have 2 papers due in the next 2 weeks.  One is on A Doll House and the other is on Othello.  One paper will be a Classical critique and the other will be a feminist.  I get to choose which play gets which critique.  Plus I still want to do a rewrite on my first paper.
  • History of the English Language: I have a powerpoint presentation due in a couple weeks, a paper due at the end of the semester and a test next Friday.

Thinking about all of that just stressed me out so I thought I’d take a short power nap.  Yeah well… that didn’t work.  I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open but at the same time I couldn’t get my nap in because all I could think of was all the work I needed to be working on.  Let’s just say it was an unproductive afternoon.

But I’d like to brag on my loving husband just a bit.  Earlier this week he knew that I was getting majorly stressed out so he stopped by the store and bought me these to perk me up.

I would like to report that I did finish my Paradise Lost stuff for today’s class though.  Woohoooo.  Up next… is it nap time yet?  Happy Friday.

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6 thoughts on “Stress & the Loving Husband

  1. Oh man, you are definitely giving me flashbacks to undergraduate. I was the queen of procrastination! Haha! Good luck…I know you will get it all done!

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