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Be Alert, Lert’s have more fun 🙂

Good Friday Morning to ya!  Has this short week seemed to have drug on for anyone else?  Oy, I think I need a weekend… oh wait, that starts today!!  My week has consisted of:

Monday we went to Silver Dollar City with the Sunday Night Dinner crowd.  Tbug got to go because since it was Labor Day weekend, cheer was cancelled, yey!  Once we got home I started studying.  I couldn’t focus on what I was reading, I kept reading the same paragraph over and over so finally I started reading it out loud.  Hey whatever works I guess.

Tuesday, does anyone remember Tuesday?  Um….. Oh wait, I think I just might… I went to class, learned more about poetry… came home and made a crockpot dinner.  My mother-in-law came over that evening and ate dinner with us, Earl and TB came by to get money for Shelby’s Dosing Dudes & Divas shirts and I sent food home with them since it was late and TB had just gotten done with football practice.  Then I crapped out. 🙂  Oh somewhere in there I started reading a new book, non school related.  Note to self, don’t do that again because even though the writing isn’t the best, I can’t put the dang thing down.

Wednesday was my anniversary so I got up early and made hubby waffles before he went to school… no wait, I go to school, he goes to work…. or something like that.  I swear this week is screwing with me!  Anyway I made pancakes and we ate breakfast together.  nope, waffles and we ate breakfast together.  And yes my delete key works but why use it?  tooo much extra energy :).  Then I went to school, came home and waited for him to get home.  I read more of my non school book… shame on me, then we went to dinner, came home and I read him Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, that is a school book.

Thursday was, get this… school, again! :).  I went and learned more about poetry.  Wow, those early poets were creative.  And even though I don’t like poetry, it’s still pretty cool/interesting even though.  Then I went home, got annoyed, actually ate lunch (I think that helped me over come my annoyance :)), started mowing the lawn until I ran out of gas, tried to make Peach Crisp, came out more like peach slop, went to dive club meeting and ate said peach slop, it was good and now I’ve created an extremely LONG run on sentence.  Hmmm… maybe it’s because of the peach slop?

It makes me sad I’ve been off my cooking game here lately.  I’ve had quite a few flops this week and it’s really wigging me out.

Now, here we are on Friday and I’m just drained.  Ugh!  This weekend won’t be relaxing either, I mean it will but it won’t but it will but it won’t.  Yeah I hope that makes sense because to me it does but I’m the writer :).

And now, I’m going to leave you with a few random pictures I took this week.  I hope y’all have a wonderful and lovely weekend and remember, Be Alert, Lert’s have more fun! 🙂

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  1. Oh man, I hate when that happens. When you are trying to study but you can't focus on it. I've had to read aloud to myself plenty of times ha ha!
    Definitely sounds like you've had a very busy week! I am exhausted just reading about it.
    Is dive club for scuba diving?
    I love the photos!
    That is intriguing about the forehead being a turn on.. Hmm.

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