Something Saturday {1}

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Top 5 Posts from this week:
A-Z and Everything In Between

Pool, Friends, Food,  Running What more could you ask for?

Current Thoughts

Festive 4th of July Toes

Chicken Mary’s – Pittsburg, KS

Recipes I made from the Blog this week:
Cherry Pie… YUM!

Instagram Lately: {BoomerBear}

Cheese Quesadilla, Chillaxin, Blondie is getting close to her due date
Ruben Style Nachos, Red Solo Wine cup, Emergency 30 day supply of food (no I didn’t buy)

Interesting things that happened this week:
+I’m running my first 5K tonight.  Yikes!
+Our first pool party of the summer.
+Mom spent the week in Chicago for work.
+Dad spent the week in Florida for work.
+437 square bales of Prairie in the barn and 135 square bales of Alfalfa in the barn.
+My Father-in-law has helped clean up around the outside of our home.

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