It's Time to Revolt

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You know, I’ve tried fitness programs all along.  Remember Billy Blanks and Tae Bo which was fun but when you’re doing DVD’s you do the same routine over and over which gets boring and your body gets used to.

Same with Jillian Michaels and the 30 Day Shred.  It’s a bit different, but not really.

Then I’ve tried the whole P90X and while you switch up your routine and it kicks your butt, who wants to devote an hour to an hour and a half every night 6 days a week if you’re busy and on the go?!?!

That’s one reason why when they asked if I wanted to try Revolt with Nichole Huntsman I kind of scoffed at it at first.  I thought, oh geez, another thing I’ll try and won’t stick with.

I stuck with P90X for 3 weeks and gave up.  That was a lot of time to devote to fitness that I really sadly didn’t have at the time.  Jillian Michaels was allowed to kick my butt for 3 weeks as well.  So when I finally decided to start Revolt I sadly gave it and myself 3 weeks.  I’m at Day 25 though.  That’s 4 days over the 3 week mark and I don’t see an end in site.

Nichole does the workouts right along side you, you do them on the computer and from what I can tell she video’s them that day.  So every day you’re doing a new workout pretty much with the exception of Thursday being a repeat of Monday’s workout.  But that’s only doing the same workout twice.

And to say this is kicking my butt would be a bit of an understatement!  Don’t worry, I have the before pictures and hubby can already see a difference between the before shots and now.  I plan on when I’m done with this total a**kicking program to show the before and after photos.

So stick with me for this ride.  And please keep me accountable.  I’d like to break the “3 week” cycle :).

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