The Death of the Hard drive

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Let’s just say, “I had a week last week.”  Obviously people probably wound up with worse weeks than I had but seriously it was one thing after another it seems went wrong.  But when I got back from lunch on Friday, that was just the icing on the cake.

I walked in and sat down at my desk.  I had my external hard drive sitting on my tower so I picked it up and put it up on my desk and went to getting caught up on work related events that happened over lunch.  I had my hard drive sitting on my desk like so and partially had my back to it when all the sudden I heard it crash to the floor.

Hubs has told me more than once not to drop this thing.  Unfortunately last week one day I knocked it off my computer tower, so that’s why I moved it up to my desk.  I thought I was going to croak.  It is my hard drive that has 50K+ photos on it.  (For those of you who follow me on facebook, when I brought it home I found out I was closer to 50K than 40K.)

I picked the thing up off the floor, placed it back on my desk and felt a lump in my throat.  Something about that freaked me out.  I then tried real quick to test it out and this is the error I got.

Oh crap.  It didn’t recognize the drive and wanted me to reformat it.  Yeah right, I’ll definitely lose everything then.  So I immediately called hubby freaking out.  A while back I wanted a back up of this and we didn’t get it done.  Bad juju right there!

He told me to bring it home and he’d try to work on it but no guarantees.  Then he said he’d put it in the freezer to try that.  I was like do what?!?!  He said there was a metal piece in there and the freezer would help that contract.  So I told him I could put it in the freezer at work.  He said that’s fine, but I’d put it in a plastic bag or something.

I didn’t have anything like that, but I had a drink mix box so he told me to try that and just tape it up really well.

And then he told me to leave it in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

When I pulled it out sadly I got the same error as above.  Again I thought I was going to croak.

I called him back to let him know.  He told me to bring it home and he’d look at it.  So he hooked it up to the computer and did something to it.  Well we were able to get the computer to recognize the drive & all the photos.  So he started copying all the photos over to the desk top where they should have been originally.

It will only copy over the ones that aren’t “messed up” so when it hits one of them it sticks and takes a while so I’m not even halfway done copying over AND so far we’ve lost 1,500 photos so far.  So I guess the point of this post is, learn from my stupid mistake!

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  1. Ugh!! I hate computer problems, especially when they are my own fault. Most likely the rarest and favorite photos will be the ruined ones. There's a law for that–Murphy's… This week will be better.

  2. Eeeee…one of my biggest fears!! I need to do back-ups more regularly…or get my pictures developed more regularly!! So sorry to hear you've lost so many!!

  3. I'm the worlds worst to just upload photos to my laptop and then not back them up on something. I can't tell you how many pics I've lost like that. Sorry this happened to you. Hope you get the rest copied without losing many more & definitely hope this week is a better one for you.

  4. Depending on how badly you want to recover those pictures, there are companies that specialize in recovering data.

    You could try one.

    Kim Komando recommends Carbomite for backing up data.
    I use DVDs because I can't afford a paid service.

    There are also online websites where you can do free storage for a certain amount and after that it's a nominal fee.

    I do feel for you as we have had hard drive crashes, on desk top and laptop computers, and lost data we didn't back up.


  5. Yes, I saw this on FB. So so sorry. That would totally make me cry. And I never would have thought to put it in a freezer- good thing your hubby knows what to do

  6. This makes me nauseous. I need to take a break and plug in my external hard drive and safe my pics. I will FREAK OUT if I ever lose them. Ugh.

    You poor thing. =(

  7. I have experienced this once too, and it was one of my worst days! Fortunately, I was able to get hold of the important files and create backup copies. I just bought 2 backup hard drives because I don’t want freak out like crazy again!

    Ruby Badcoe

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