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I had a fairly rough weekend that hasn’t gotten a whole lot better today.  This is really kind of how I feel.  I have a wonderful A&P test tonight, plus I have to get my Stat’s class dropped today b/c otherwise I have a test due tonight.  Yuck!  But I don’t need Stats now (for now anyway), so why take it?

Then last Thursday at work I accidentally sent an email to the wrong person.  Nothing bad, just a tutorial on how to do something.  So his response this morning after a few back and forth emails and my wishing him a happy Monday – Monday is one of the Top seven days of the week and my personal favorite.

I think someone should have him committed… LOL.  Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Oh I send wrong emails a lot. It happens. And yes, thank goodness it wasn't anything embarrassing! Love that picture!

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