Happy First Day of Fall {a scarf & some randomness}

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1.  So I participated in a Scarf swap again this year with The Tichenor Family.  My scarf swap partner was the lovely sweet Sarah from Words from the Heart.  Go check her out and give her some blog lovin!!  And Sarah, Thank you again for the lovely scarf!!

Sorry for the iPhone pic, and I didn’t have a mirror either, so arm length away it is!

2.  Does anyone else feel like this week was dragging?  Last week it was like, Is it Wednesday already, this week I hit Wednesday and i was like, really?  2 more days this week until the weekend…  I know, way to go from the glass is half full to the glass is half empty.

3.  I drink lots of water, but to break up the sameness, I drink Crystal light packets in it.  Well over the weekend I came across Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Packets.  Remember that stuff from being a kid or those of you who feed it to your kids?  Well I compared the labels and it’s basically just the same so I got some to try.  I absolutely LOVE the Polar Blast.

4.  So a new random fact from Nutrition class…. Did you know that your small intestine is 10 feet long?  But apparently the surface area that you actually use to digest food is 25 feet long.

5.  Another funny random fact, on our test that is next Wednesday night, any question with liver as a possible choice, that is the answer, but only on Chapter 3 test.  And question #10, the answer is C.  Yes I know this…. but you may be asking yourself how….. She told us 🙂

6.  So I work in the Risk Management department at our company.  After the tornado hit, one day we were sitting here discussing different “Worker’s Comp” issues and here was an interesting fact.  Yes, I like facts so I wrote it down.  Yes I’m weird, I’ve learned to live with it! 🙂
Worker’s Comp:
~There is an “Act of God” clause that if something happens (ie lightning strike, tornado, etc) your companies worker’s comp department doesn’t have to cover that.
~The difference there though, Wal-Mart for Example, if you are trained in Saving skills and have to help the customers to wherever, for example a tornado hits and you have to rush them to shelter before you can get yourself there b/c you are trained for that, you are at “more risk” and therefore Worker’s Comp will fall in to place.
~If your company maintains your parking lot and you slip and fall on ice on your way to lunch, that is a Worker’s Comp claim because the parking lot is employer maintained even though you are on your time.

7.  So I heard this funny quote the other day… I don’t know where, but again, I wrote it down 🙂

Steak is the breakfast of Champions
The lunch of kings
The dinner of Industrial Barons
The dessert of the T. Rex

8.  Now see, isn’t your day more enlightened?

9.  I took a break from my Hawaii recap today if you couldn’t tell but I’ll be back up and running next week.  I’m hoping to create a little slide show of one set of photos, we’ll see how that goes. If you’d like to get caught up please click on these links.
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10.  Happy Weekend!

0 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Fall {a scarf & some randomness}

  1. This week has definitely been dragging!

    Love the scarf…and I'm going to have to check into this Polar Blast stuff, sounds good!!!

  2. I keep seeing this scarf swap around blog world – i wish i could particpate in swaps….I participated in one and I have to admit i failed miserably compared to what my friend sent me but it was a lesson learned. Most of them are only open to US residents…I need to find me some Canadian blogs apparently! LOL

  3. Yes, this week did drag! I love your scarf.. wish I had known about it, I would've joined. P.S. I love your random Nutrition tidbits 😉

  4. My week dragged too, but I have a sinus infection so when you are sick everything seems longer.

    Love the scarf. My favorite drink packet is actually a wally brand… cherry limeade. yum.

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