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I CAN peel an Orange!!!

**Story behind this… when I lived at home, the only time I would eat an orange is if my mom would peel it for me… hahahah 🙂 Not that I couldn’t peel one, I was just too lazy :)**

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  1. haha — I use to do stuff like that at home — I wouldn't eat a PB&J unless my dad made it because “his were best” lol

  2. I don't mind peeling oranges, but I hated having to do it when I taught preschool and that was the snack for the day. Peeling 20+ oranges is kind of hard!

  3. I don't like the smell and texture it leaves on my fingers – Pampered Chef has a tool that peels them for ya!

  4. I never attempted to peel an orange either! HA! You need to get one of those nifty little orange peeler tools. They are awesome!

  5. haha. my fiance will only eat oranges when i peel them (usually for myself and then he steals 1/2) the things we do for love…


  6. OMG this is sooo my teenager. She always starts with, “Mom would you…. and finishes with…because I am too lazy.”

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