Miscellany Monday

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} I swear this weekend went by way to fast but it was great! This was our weekend to have Tbug but she had a lock-in where she does cheerleading on Friday night so we went to dinner with my parents. Saturday morning bright and early we picked up Tbug and then we went to Farm Girl Fest and a horse sale that night. Yesterday was PC’s dad’s company picnic so we attended that all afternoon before dropping Tbug back to her momma and heading to Sunday night.

{two} I woke up this morning freaked out because we hadn’t paid our electricity bill yet and I wasn’t sure where it was. That made me realize I hadn’t paid the other half of my car insurance and I wasn’t sure where it was either. After freaking out and calling both PC and my dad I found one in a cookbook in our bedroom and the other in a reading book (Finger Lickin’ Fifteen by Janet Evanovich) on the kitchen table.

{three} I was playing around on facebook Friday night while we were headed to dinner when I noticed our photographer said that the power cord for her computer had gone to pot. She has insurance on it and they are replacing it but then she said something about the computer having issues. I thought I might cry but she reassured me that my pictures were on an external hard drive and she can’t wait for me to see them. She said there are some great ones.

{four} PC got our dryer put back together late last week and last night we fired that puppy up to finish drying a load, I had to walk almost into the laundry room to hear it running before I went to bed. It’s super quiet!

{five} Our house phone had to have been a Hispanic’s number before it was ours because we keep getting what sounds like the same lady calling speaking in Spanish. I know very little Spanish. Last week I told her she had the wrong number and she proceeded to tell me, “No Englais, Espanol.” I kept replying “No espanol”. She hung up on me. This is a common occurance, they even talk to our answering machine and it sounds like the same woman every time.

Peace, Love, & Happy Monday!

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  1. I'd be lost without a dryer. I keep mine humming about two hours a day. We're either really dirty or really clean. How is the new Evanovich book? I got disillusioned after 15 and quit her. Our number used to belong to some guy who owes everyone money. We get calls from collection agencies, attorneys and business for this guy named “Stoner.” (maybe this unfortunate name has caused his problems.) I just wish they'd figure out he doesn't live here anymore. At least they speak English. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  2. you do have a lot going on!

    I cant wait to see your pictures! Hope your photographer gets on that!

    and as for the hispanic lady? Lol! That is too funny!

  3. My cowboy keeps getting calls from some chinese person, and he knows nada chinese. It's actually a little funny.

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