Chicken & Rice with Whiskey Cream Sauce

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So the other day I was looking through the refrigerator wondering what on earth to make for dinner…  I had chicken that needed to be used before it went bad.  I had an onion, that’s always good.  Then I had some half & half that needed to be used before it went bad.  Hmmmmm I thought.  I really wanted steak… and that whiskey cream sauce… but no steak lived in my fridge at the time… hmmm… So the husband and I got the bright idea to make Chicken with the Whiskey Cream sauce and add some rice to it.  Oh. My. Gosh.  That hit the spot!

Chicken with a Whiskey Cream Sauce & Rice
Chicken (check)
Onion (check)
Whiskey (check)
Chicken stock (check)
Heavy Whipping cream (half and half… won’t make it as thick but also less fattening, check)
Rice (check)
Butter (check)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (check)
Seasonings (check)
And we’re off!!!

Saute up the onion in the extra virgin olive oil.

In a separate pan cook up the chicken in some extra virgin olive oil.

Once the onions are cooked then remove from heat and add 1/4 cup Whiskey.

Once the Whiskey has cooked out return to the heat and add 1/4 cup Chicken stock.

Whisk in a tablespoon of butter.

While that is all mingling go season up your chicken before it burns!!  We used Garlic & Pepper Powder.

Oh and then realize you turned the wrong burner on for your Whiskey cream sauce so switch the heat to the correct burner.

Once your butter is all mixed in add 1/4 cup cream (in my case half & half.  Using half and half sometimes you have to use a touch more)

Once the sauce has thickened up add it to the chicken.  Then drain your rice you were making and add it to the mixture as well!

And dish it up.  YUM!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend and remembered the true reason for the season! 🙂  The hubs and I went to church and then later went to my grandma’s house.  It was a very relaxed weekend and a very WET weekend!  Oh well we can always use the rain but sometimes I wish it would spread out through the summer when we’ll be dry… but it is what it is and I won’t complain!

Happy Monday

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  1. This sounds amazing! Hmmmm YUMMMM! I might consider breaking my “no cooking” bedrest rule and test it out. Except I suppose I shouldn't be hittin' the bottle right about now? LOL. Definitely a bookmarked page!! Glad you had a great Easter 🙂

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