Crazy Idea…. Interested??

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Happy Friday morning to you!

I really think that the time change has been affecting me this week.  You know 2 weeks after it changed.  This must also be the week for changes.  Since most of the schools around are on Spring Break this week, the dance studio where we do Zumba was also closed for Spring Break… Grrr! 🙂 so a friend here at work loaned me her Zumba workout DVD and I did it one night at home in my living room.  Not nearly as fun as doing it in a class where there are tons of people!  Doesn’t mean I won’t do it at the house some too.

So then yesterday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I was grouchy and grumpy!  And to top it off Sonic has on their billboard that Large drinks are 99cents until 11am but they charged me $1.79 for my Large drink.  Um… HELLO!

Yeah so Moving on :)… Last night I went home and I was still in a halfway grouchy mood (sorry hunny!).  But we loaded up the girls (our dogs) and went to my parents house for dinner.  When we got there Mom wasn’t home yet and I needed to take something to my grandma (she lives about a mile down the road) so I took off walking.  God gave me legs, I decided to use them 🙂  get my exercise.  Coming home I did something really crazy… Like majorly crazy… like something I don’t do crazy… I ran over halfway home.  Yup, I went for a run.  Funniest part, I was in boots and jeans.  It didn’t slow me down!

I had on my Ariat Fat Baby’s.  They are so dadgum comfortable!  They look similar to these, except mine don’t have the stones and the tops are green and mine are probably 4-6 years old.  Nice and broke in!

Oddly enough, I was surprised,  I wasn’t completely winded!  How crazy is that??  The air was chilly so my lungs burned a little due to that but for the actual running itself… I didn’t do half bad!  I’m blaming the Zumba… it’s getting me in shape… hahahaha!

So anyway moving on.  Here’s my crazy idea.  Do you guys remember this thing?

I was reading something yesterday that gave me this crazy idea but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested.  What I thought though was that I’d buy a disposable camera and mail it to you (you as in someone who is interested…) then you’d take X number of pictures (depends on how many people are interested to how many photos are allotted for each person) then they mail it on to you (the next interested person) you take your photos and so on and so forth….  Then once all photos were taken the last person mail it back to me, I’ll develop them and we could do a blog post about the photos…  Maybe include a short story or something about what you took your photo of.  Like I said, it’s a crazy idea, and maybe no one would be interested, but if you are interested please leave me a comment saying, I’d be willing to do it 🙂 and your email address so I can email you.

Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend!  We’re supposed to have rain most of the weekend and cooler weather 🙁  But here’s to the weekend!!!

16 thoughts on “Crazy Idea…. Interested??

  1. Hey you!!! GRRRRRREAT Idea!!!! Yer so smart!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great Post Wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Man with hole in pocket, feel cocky all day” ~Confucius~


  2. I love Zumba! It is so fun. I want the WII Zumba. Hmmmm….A traveling disposable camera. Sounds fun. Drop me an email. I'll do it.

  3. Sounds like your getting in shape. I so need to do that before the real work starts. Now if the 2 feet of snow over the 6 inches of ice would just go away so I could. The camera thing sounds fun but I with how busy I am with my new little business, I wouldn't trust myself to get it done. Just call me CommitmentPhobe right now. Good luck with it though.

  4. Great job with running in your boots! I can't believe you've had yours for so long. Mine unfortunately cracked after only a year.

    I think the camera thing is a good idea. I'll be interested in seeing how that goes!

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