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I feel like we’re all friends here…

And you won’t judge me….

And since we’re friends…

I’m going to share with you my secret:

These are still up.

Yes they are Christmas wreaths.

This is my front door:

This is the one on our Office Door:

And this is the one on our bedroom door

And while we’re looking outside the bedroom door… Anyone up for a swim?  You could be a member of the Polar Bear Club… literally!

So back to the secret… I’ll bet that’s why the husband was happy I finished my wreath yesterday.  It’s finally season appropriate again :).  I finally took down the Christmas wreath and replaced it with the Valentine’s Day Wreath.

But shhhhh….

Think you can handle another secret?

Well actually, 2 secrets…..

Look at this picture below, what do you see?

Did you see the Santa Hats that are hanging on the bed posts.  Yup, those are still out.  Wonder what I can come up with to replace them…

And the second secret… You see all those clothes on the bed?  They’ve been needed to be folded/hung up for weeks now.  Maybe even a month.  I suck at putting clothes away, but I’m the queen of washing them!

Would someone like to swap me jobs?  I’ll wash all the clothes if you’ll come hang them up for me??

Ok anyway so you remember from my list, I said I’ve been working on 3 projects?  The Valentine’s Day Wreath (refer to above) is 1.  And this is the second:

I love having my table scape done up for the different seasons.  This is the center piece.  How cute is it?  It took me a little while to find all the flowers for it but…. I got it finished!  I absolutely love it!

I’m still working on my third project but trust me, I’ll be a great blogger and share with you when I’m finished 🙂

Happy Wednesday 🙂 (or what’s left of it :))

0 thoughts on “Shhhhhh

  1. Oh I don't put mine away either. I have 3 loads in baskets and one in the dryer. haha. That second project is beautiful too!

  2. Love your V-day decorations!

    Don't worry, I still have some of my Christmas decs up too – well, mostly just snowmen (because it's still pretty snowy around here!) and my wreath on the door, which my aunt made for me – but it's not Christmassy colours, so I think it's okay! haha!

  3. I am very glad to see that you still have Christmas decorations up because like you – I still have most of my things up too…I justify it as they are winter themed items that are still up…snowmen etc…and yes, I still have my outdoor Christmas lights TURNED ON….how bad is that, I think im the only one in my town…and its very simple, I just have to unplug the extension cord and plug our lightbulb back in…but I just never think of it!!

  4. Your front door is very cute. The wreath is just perfect. You ( a million other people) and my daughter with your piles of clean clothes!! Every time I go to her house I spend HOURS folding, putting away, and hanging up her laundry. Sheesh! I just don't get it but I know it's a mass epidemic. Just put away EACH load as you take it out of the dryer, people. Don't just throw it in a big pile on the floor, table, couch, where ever…UGH!! Do I have to come to your houses and do this for you, all million of you? My daughter calls me the “Laundry Fraggle”–(You have to have been a “Fraggle Rock” watcher in the '80s I guess.)

  5. Our Christmas wreath is still up too, I think it's become my husbands goal to see how long it will stay alive. Hahaha

  6. I have been wanting to take my christmas lights down for weeks now but I hate going out in the cold! Therefore, they are staying up! ha ha! I do love seeing my v-day decorations out, it's a nice change after christmas!! I can't wait to see what your 3rd project is!! xo

  7. You know what….I just took down the garland on our entrance last weekend!! I hated to put it up. Loved the added color.

    You know what else….I hate putting up clothes too! I have a pile of folded clothes in the living room right now from earlier this week.

  8. If it makes you feel any better our Christmas decorations are still on the front lawn… granted they've been buried under 2ft of snow since the day after Christmas but I digress. LOL

    LOVE the V-day wreath. 🙂

  9. LOVE your wreath!

    And—why would you have taken the Christmas spirit away before you got the snow?! That just wouldn't make sense now!!

    AND—we would be a terrible swap duo. I ALSO never can get around to putting clothes away! It's one of my least favorite qualities about myself! I think we need rehab together. 🙂

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