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I’m not very self centered, although this post may come off that way… LOL

But a couple years ago, a friend of mine and I decided to do some photos.  We actually between the 2 of us have over 1,000 photos.

But I like most women am my own worst critic…  I find something wrong with almost every photo ever taken of me.  Why is it that we focus on the movie stars and the singers and the photos that have been airbrushed, and put ourselves down.  We are real life.  We are who we are…

So anyway tonight I was looking at some of the photos we took, just reminiscing old times and I ran across a stretch of photos that I absolutely love.  To be honest, that is a shocker on my part… like I said, I’m my own worst critic, and while I could possibly tear these apart, There is something so magical about these photos that I absolutely love.  In fact I love them so much that I forget about all the flaws.

Now you are entitled to your own opinion, you may not like them, but me, I like this particular set. 

Now you’ll notice that most all of these have the same or very similar backgrounds.  Our thought was to take photos on green, black, or white backgrounds and then learn to photoshop them and put us into far away places.  We just never got to the photoshop part for most of the photos.

  • This is just a typical me.  I don’t know… I like the color of the shirt and my hair (loved my hair) and just really like this photo.


  • This photo could be so weird, but it’s so casual at the same time… In fact I was waiting on my friend to hurry up and just kicked back and relaxed.


  • Ok so ignore my dirty feet… LOL… I loved this particular hair cut.  I so want it back and once my hair grows out a bit more, I plan on going back to it. 


  • This is still my “beautiful” smile (as so many tell me) just not quite as harsh.  Plus we got rid of my dirty feet… LOL.  This was in fact a fb profile photo at one time.


  • I have always thought my eyes pop.  I love my eyes.  What’s really crazy about this particular day, I didn’t know we were going to do a photoshoot so all I am wearing is eyeliner and mascara.  I usually try for at least that because it makes my eyes really “Pop”


  • And back to the smile… but boy do I have a pointy chin… but still, there is something I absolutely love about this photo.  It was a fb profile photo at one time too.


  • Here we were actually going for a photo… but it’s so me 🙂


  • And I had to throw this in for grins and giggles… this is so typical Nicole… getting a nap in whenever I can wherever I can 🙂

Ok so sorry I focused so much on myself today… but sometimes it is a good practice to look at photos and focus on NOTHING but good things about yourself.  The world is so willing to shoot us down, people are so willing to tell us we aren’t as good as we think, you have frenemies, you have mean people… it doesn’t end there… so why is it that we beat ourselves up and tear ourselves down?  There are enough other people out there in the world to do that to us.  Just something to think about!  Go look in the mirror or take some photos of yourself and do nothing but tell yourself what you like.

Ok so I’m going to go back to my sulking about this dadgum white blanket of snow we have.  Oh did you hear… we’re expecting more tomorrow (30% chance) and Sunday (40% chance) and Monday (30% chance)…. <sigh> I know it’s winter but come on!  Did the ground hog see his shadow?

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  1. You're so cute. Some times I wonder if I'm a fenenemy. Maybe I'm too honest. Even when I don't say anything folks seem to be able to read my face. I try to be kind and honest at the same time but honesty can just hurt, no matter how much we try to soften it.

    I think only friends really tell us the truth because they actually care. Other folks don't really care about us so they never say anything. It doesn't matter to them if we have our shirt on inside out.

    Then there are the jealous, mean ones, the real frenenemies.

  2. Great pics! I hate pictures of myself, and have always struggled with self image. I honestly don't know what it would feel like to like something about myself!
    But I know this is how God made me, and I need to not be so negative about his creation-me.

  3. I am so impressed by your self confidence – it really comes out in these photos! You look hot lady!

    And I LOVE your hair in the first photo. It looks so pretty. And your doe eyes, I'm jealous!

  4. You are so right! We do get bogged down in all the negative things and it's important to concentrate on the positive. It's funny that you should mention that as I've been feeling down because I seem to tick everyone off without even trying anymore, and I've been concentating on that instead of all the great things in my life going on (and there's a lot–life really is good!!)

    I think these pics are adorable, by the way. I'm jealous of your great smile 🙂 I agree, too, the hair works!!

    I love the chair you're using, too!

  5. It's so hard to appreciate a picture of yourself. These are beautiful.

    I would say come here for a visit, but the airports are probably shut down! I will blow some heat/sun your way.

  6. Girl, there's nothing wrong with focusing on yourself! Especially if you can find some pics that you do love of you. Like you said, we're our own worst critics. I think these are great pics of you! :))

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