Christmas Tree 2018 (And a Surprise)

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Finally, the tree went up at our house over the weekend. I’ve been pretty much chomping at the bit (horse term) to get that tree up. I would like to say it went up without any hitches, but it didn’t… NOT. AT. ALL. In fact, I think the term hitches is a nice way of saying how things went on Saturday when we put the tree up. Sad day! Part of me wants to jot those memories down and part of me wants to forget it ever happened. No use in dwelling on the past, right? Let’s just say, Christmas is my favorite holiday (followed so close by Thanksgiving and all of the rest of the holidays) and I used the phrase, I Hate Christmas. Sadly, I try to teach Abug not to say hate. It’s something I try to instill in Abug, don’t hate. Yet I was so frustrated I kept saying HATE. Hypocrite! (that was directed at me, not you :))

The Tree

A few years ago we bought this tree at Lowe’s on sale after Christmas. Best purchase we’ve ever made when it comes to Christmas trees. It goes together so nicely and yeah, I love this tree. Plus, I’m a white light girl and hubby is a colored light guy… This tree flashes back and forth between white lights and colored lights. Best of both worlds!

My friend Harriett told me I needed to make a tree skirt for my tree, but it was too late to start it when she suggested that… so next year. I’m holding you to that Harriett! So Abug decided she was going to put the tree skirt on the tree…

But big sissy had to come in and help this time. And as you know, I try my darndest to make sure big sissy is around when we put the tree up.

The ornaments

I tend to have a tradition of everyone putting the first ornament on the tree… but sadly, somehow I missed one of Hubby putting an ornament on the big tree. That’s okay, I managed to get photos of him putting the ornaments on our Chiefs tree.

The New Ornaments (make sure to read to the bottom, there’s a surprise!!)

I try to keep all our new ornaments together so I can pictureize them as we are adding them to our ornament collection.

This is for Abug’s Halloween costume. Plus she LOVES Mermaids. (p.s. this year she was Ariel for Halloween if you didn’t catch that.)

This ornament serves dual purpose… Hubby and I made a trip to Nashville in April 2010 when we were engaged. It started out as a trip to Kentucky for me to meet his army buddies, but Nashville is only about 1-1 1/2 south of the Kentucky/Tennessee border so we made a quick jont down there. At that time we didn’t collect a tree ornament. #fail. This year in September we made another trip to see one of his army buddies who has been diagnosed with a terrible disease (prayers please). One of the days we were there my mother-in-law, Abug, and I made a quick jont back to Nashville so I made sure to grab an ornament. I’ve still only see one mall in Nashville by the Grand Ol’ Opery so I haven’t really made it “into” Nashville…

In August we took a family trip to San Antonio. I just realized somewhere I have something to make into an ornament for Corpus Christy where we also visited while in Texas. I should really find that.

This is the Tower of the America’s… my phone focused incorrectly obviously.

And Seaworld. We hit that too while we were down there.

Abug’s favorite thing besides mermaids right now is Unicorn’s. Of course we needed a unicorn for the tree… but this has wings too so does that make it a Pegasus?

Hubby’s service. When I find Army ornaments, I tend to get them for our tree.

Those who know me know I’m a huge Friends fan… although I had a weird revolation about that show the other night. Another thought for another day.

Hubby’s work trip to Boston.

Our trip to the Merc.

My love of red trucks and Christmas trees. Did you know I drive a red truck? I’ve not always liked Red Trucks but I sure do these days.

And this year’s family ornaments.

And now for the secret… We bought a house. It’s been over a year in the making… to buy this particular house. The story will come later and boy is it a doozy. It’s been more frustrating than anything and I swear, when I tell people the story, they think I’m making some of it up… But I’m not. But anyway… We bought a house. We signed the papers this morning in fact. That means we took possession of it, TODAY!

The final Tree

And now… I present you with, Our Tree.

The Chiefs Tree

As you’ll note, we’re huge Chiefs Fans. I started getting enough Chiefs ornaments that they got their own tree. We added a few new Chiefs ornaments to that collection this year as well.

This one came from Apple Butter Makin’ Days.

The next couple came from none other than Walmart. I learned one day that Walmart stores tend to carry the same basics but when it comes to things other than the basics, they don’t have to carry the same things. One of our local Walmart stores carries a lot of Chiefs things so I made a special trip in before Halloween… because here’s another secret about the store… They sell out of the Chiefs stuff FAST!

And the Chiefs Tree

For Hubby’s birthday he got a train set to go around the tree. We decided to put it around the Chief’s tree this year. Abug LOVES it!

So Hubby and Abug spend a lot of time around the Chiefs tree, playing with the train.

And just because they are cute… this was an Amazon box that came in the mail the day we put our tree up. Have you seen this movie? If not, you need to!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree 2018 (And a Surprise)

  1. Congratulations on the new house! So exciting!! I know that’s been a struggle for you guys, it must be a relief to have it done. Hooray!! 🙂

    I love your trees & all of your ornaments. I love Christmas SO MUCH!!! (But I can relate to the frustrations when putting up decorations doesn’t go well. For me, it’s lights. I always have trouble with the lights!!)

  2. I’m so excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the new house and know you will make it into a beautiful home for your family!!

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