Chiefs vs Eagles – Season opening home game

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Sunday was our first home game of season. We won the season opening game against the Patriots. I’m not sure they were happy about that… lol.

Sunday was season opeing home game though. That meant it was a loud and proud day. It was a lot busier than preseason games… Wow! We didn’t get our “normal” spot on the grass for tailgating. That was fine with me. I’m easy going.

We decided to eat breakfast. One of the ladies walking around said that that was a new one on her. Most people were doing steaks and burgers, etc. I thought to myself, this isn’t the first time we’ve done breakfast….

The gates were supposed to open at 8:30. They opened at 7. There was a guy from Arkansas who is a season ticket holder who left home at like who knows when to be the first one in the gate. They said he’d been at the gate since 3am. Crazy. I’m not that crazy, although I kept saying we needed to have our heads examined because we were up at 5am driving to KC.

Finally it was time to pack up and head into the stadium. At that point I don’t think I could keep my eyes open. I’m not a 5am kind of person. Never have been, probably never will be. Tbug got to go with us. Woohoooo….

Right after the antehm, Abug fell asleep and slept well in to the third quarter. She fell asleep on my lap and because of that I had to sit most of the game. The guys in front of me refused to sit so I stared at their butt most of the game. Not really, I tried to watch the jumbotron. That wasn’t always easy either.

Halftime was a solute to the armed forces… mainly Police. Look at that flag. Awesome, right?

The stupid snapchat wouldn’t update. The final score was 27 Chiefs 20 Eagles. Oh you see that, we won!!

It still wouldn’t update. And everyone was watching until the very end to make sure we won. It was a nailbiter.

So we won. We’re now 2-0.

Wish us luck for the rest of the season. I saw a sad letter earlier this week that said Alex Smith believes this will be his last season with the Chiefs….

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