33 in Year 33

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What is more? I’m a year older. I really haven’t touched on my birthday yet. I’m sure more will come on that when I can find the right words… But until then, let’s review last year’s goals.

There really is a reason I don’t set goals. I think I’m afraid of failure. I never set a New Year’s Resolution. I take that back… I set one this year. This years resolution was to be happier. I thought I was doing well and then the other day my dad said if I was ever happy, he’d be shocked, as in he wouldn’t know what to do. I guess that’s another story for another day. Back to the

33 in my 33rd Year…

1. Pay off my car.

I did this. What? But I don’t drive a car. That’s right. This is the second vehicle I’ve paid off and almost immediatly sold. haha. The last one was my Mustang. We paid it off two days after I traded it in. This time around, at least we paid it off and I drove it around for another 3 months before we traded it off…

2. Break Abug’s mare, Little Pi, to ride

Fail. Not even close. I have found someone to break horses now, so maybe… but really we have her up for sale and would prefer to sell her and buy an already trained mare for Abug.

3. Use my gift certificate to train with a local horse trainer.

Fail. But… we’ve decided to let Tbug use it. I haven’t contacted Cara yet but hubby and I decided that Tbug might get some use out of this so we’ll see what happens.

4. Lose 33 pounds.

Fail… but not totally. I have about 10 more pounds to go, but that’s pretty darn good, right? Give me a little credit, please!

5. Ride Blonde Barbie more.

What is more? I should have been a little more clear here, but I would have to say that this, in fact did happen. Win! Hey, I rode more last month than I did all winter. That’s more. More is a win.

6. Sell my house.

We did this. There are days I wish we hadn’t and there are days I’m totally glad we did. I think the days that I’m glad outweigh the days I wish we didn’t.

7. Look into either building or buying another house.

Well, we’ve looked at different options. We even have a couple options for where to build. We’re not there yet because we’re not totally sure what life has in store for us yet, but… we’ve been weighing our options.

8. Potty train baby girl.

Yup. She’s potty trained. Let’s just say, newly potty trained little girls and turnpikes in Oklahoma aren’t friends.

9. Go on a vacation

We did this… twice. 1 to Cozumel and 2 to Southern Oklahoma. We can always go on vacation whenever though! I’m game. I can pack quickly!

10. Dive in the ocean again.

Yup. We went to Cozumel in May. I dove in the ocean 21 times in fact. I also got my dives logged in at over 100 now. Score! Number 100 was on our last boat dive in the ocean that week.

11. Find a job, more especially, find my dream job.

Fail. I have a game plan on what I want to do. I’m not there yet, but I have a game plan. Please someone help me achieve my goals… please!

12. Get my second teaching license.

Fail. Truth… I’m scared of the test.

13. Visit 8 states.

This was a fail, I think. I know of 6 I visited… Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, and Kentucky. From there, I think I failed.

14. Find tourist things to do in my area.

I’m pretty sure this is a Fail as well. We’ll just leave it at that.

15. Get a Hydros BC for SCUBA Diving.

Yup. It was Christmas in August! August 4, 2016 I finally got my Hydros BC in. That’s a cool thing. This is a hot commodity. It’s extremely hard to get. They are finally, they as in SCUBAPRO, getting caught up on back orders. Deb pulled strings and got mine right before we went to Mermet Springs last fall.

16. Sell my LadyHawk BC to buy the Hydros BC.

It was sold on my birthday last year. Score! It paid for my new BC. It was awesome.

17. Train Blonde Barbie to be a cutting horse.

So I started, but it’s not there.

18. Show Again.

Fail. This is very sad for me, but I still haven’t been able to show. It’s hard to show when your show horse is cripple and old…

19. Write a book.

Fail. I still want to. In fact, I’m getting ready to start working on a book. I’ll mainly be the editor, but still… I’m just a few months late in being able to claim I did this.

20. Get my travel blog up and running.

Fail. Something happened. It died. Then they wanted me to pay thousands of dollars to get it back. I have no clue what happened. I gave up and moved all posts over to this blog. I have a fond heart for this blog anyway. It’s been with me now for 8 years.

21. Pay off some debt.

It’s a work in progress.

22. Update my wardrobe, maybe become more fashionable.

Fail. My wardrobe still consists of t-shirts. Okay, so I have a few more shirts that aren’t t-shirts, but still….

23. Spend more time with my grandma.

Yes. Between the quilting and this summer canning things from my garden, YES! And I love every minute of it.

24. See Beauty and the Beast in theaters.

Yup. We went the day it came out in theaters. I now own it, even though it was Abug who got it for her birthday.

25. See a Broadway Musical (although it doesn’t have to be in NYC).

Fail. Every now and then you need something that probably won’t happen just to try and shoot for the stars.

26. Spend more quality time with baby girl.

I don’t know how to measure this… but… I would say yes.

27. Attend the 2016 NCHA Futurity.

Yup. Done.

28. Help with the 2017 Trails for Kids.


29. Enter (and hopefully place) a photo contest.

I did but didn’t have a good outcome… aka no placing for me.

30. Become a better photographer.

I should learn how to write these better so I have a way to say yes or no…

31. Learn to paint.

I took a painting class. I painted a picture. Me, the girl who can barely draw a smiley face.

32. Build a snowman.

Hard to do when there was NO snow this last winter. Not really my fault.

33. Just learn to live more and say yes more.

I sure hope I did.


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