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What have we been up to lately? Well decorating for Christmas. We actually had a bucket truck at our house to work on our Arena lights for my dad, so while it was there, we quickly hung lights on the front of the barn.

And the lights? Well we wanted our round pen to be used for an airplane landing strip if necessary. Just kidding… sort of….

Originally we bought one of the light projectors for the front of our house. We put it up and surprised my parents with it. The thought was we wouldn’t have to hang Christmas lights, but sadly, living out in the country and as far off the road as what we do, you really can’t see the lights from the road. Bummer! It’s still fun though! The lights project into the house and it is fun to see where all they hit. Since it didn’t work, Abug, my dad, and I put lights up on the front of the house as well.

I absolutely LOVE having the Christmas lights on my parents back deck. It lights up the stairs and back deck and you can see everything really well. I wouldn’t be opposed to buying plain white lights and putting those up after Christmas just to help light up the walk way. It was chilly the day we hung these lights but Abug insisted on helping papa so we were outside helping.

Abug and I put up my parents tree. This makes the 4th tree I’ve put up this season. Tree number 1 was ours, Number 2 was the surprise for our friends, Tree 3 was at our dive shop, and tree 4 was my parents tree. I’m telling you, I have a good helper! She likes to decorate trees and put lights up outside and put presents under trees and even likes to help wrap presents.

Most people complain about toddlers and trees. I only put ornaments toward the bottom that are toddler safe and she’s only taken them off once. My dad helped her put them back on the tree and we went on with life. It hasn’t been that big of deal so far.

She absolutely LOVES to turn the tree on and gets upset when the lights aren’t on. (The extension cord that plugs the tree into the wall has an on/off switch so she just has to turn it on or off… no plugging/unplugging involved)

Hubby prefers to get wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby. The stuff on the left was bought this year. I laughed so hard when I found some I bought on clearance last year and how similar they are. Apparently I really liked that paper.

I saw the drinking game that mentioned you pour yourself a drink and every time you lose the tape, scissors, or pen for name tags you drink. Sadly, I’d be drunk on the first present. You have no idea how true that is… <sigh> It’s a good thing I don’t participate in that drinking game!

This year I wanted to put bows on my presents. My mom told me she’d teach me how. I love how they turned out. But I’ve already run out of ribbon and I’m not done. I guess it’s a trip back to the store. Having my helper works really well with tying bows because she helps hold them while I’m making the bow.

Now I don’t have my new stocking holders up in this picture, but we got some really cool stocking holders because of my good friend Dan. They are Kansas City Chiefs Arrow Heads. I need to update this photo with them because they’re friggin awesome.

And that’s only partially what we’ve been up to lately….

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