Bird Hunter

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Oh where to start… No, I’m not referring to duck hunters or anything of the sorts… I’m talking about hunting a bird. Let’s back up….

So the other day we happened to be at the local dive shop we hang out at…

On the side of the shop toward the back there is a big garage door. it leads into the back side of the shop which we had a door open and a bird flew in the door. I was standing in the middle of the shop and screeched that a bird flew in. So we opened all the doors in the shop trying to chase it out. Didn’t work.

So eventually it perched, we tried to catch it, didn’t work. So we went on the hunt again to find the bird. Jared went upstairs, Karen checked the classroom area, someone went in the kitchen, I wandered around the main part of the shop… NOTHING. We thought maybe it flew out the door.

About 5 minutes later hubby found it on the upstairs ledge. So he grabbed some grabbers and tried to get the bird. He actually grabbed the bird and accidentally dropped it. shucks. So we went after the bird again. This time we found it at the front of the store so Hubby went after it with the grabbers again trying to get ahold and got the bird.

We were afraid the bird wouldn’t be able to fly after that, but it so did. It flew away like a bat out of hell. I don’t blame it 🙂

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