Hoffbrau Steaks – Ft. Worth, TX

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Traveling makes a person hungry and steaks in Texas are the place to have! When we pulled in to Ft. Worth, we decided to take Tbug to Hoffbrau, which was just across the street from our hotel so it was perfect, eat lunch and then check in to the hotel before heading over to Will Rogers.

We were all so hungry we decided to start with Texas Pesos. Jalapeño’s deep-fried, covered in cheese, and served with ranch dressing. I was sold! I like cheese and jalapeños and ranch dressing. In fact, looking at these pictures and thinking about them has me drooling for more…

While we were waiting for lunch, we learned that crayons color on crackers.

Dad got Chicken Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes.

So between my mom, husband, Tbug, and me, we did a combination. Tbug and I both got Sirloin steaks while mom and hubby got New York Strip steaks. Mom and I got loaded baked potatoes while Tbug and hubby got fries. And there you have it, combinations of the same thing.

My sirloin was okay, but is it sad that the baked potato was better? And don’t get me wrong, my steak was okay, but it was a bit tough. You get that from time to time so whatever, but it was good, I just really enjoyed the loaded baked potato.

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