Christmas Cheer

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Growing up I always wanted to be that person who had a Southern Living worthy house at Christmas time. Sadly I fall short…. sigh! This week is finals at school. I had a 20 page paper, a 10-12 page paper and a project that turned out to be 36 pages due. I was a little stressed, but I got them all finished and turned in. Now it’s a sit and wait game for grading. Grades have to be in by Noon on Monday….. oh the anxiety!

Sunday night I took a break from writing papers to wrap Christmas presents. Have you ever wrapped a Christmas present with a 17 month old around. That’s fun. She stole my tape, my pens, the scissors, and sat on the paper. But You know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world! The one thing I would change is I dropped the scissors (that are only for cutting) on the kitchen floor and busted them… good thing hubby found a second pair when he brought me the first pair!

Anyway this is what I know. This is what I have. I’m tired. I stressed myself out to the point my lip swelled up, either that or I’m allergic to something… who really knows. This will be the third time my lip has swelled up this semester at school. Oh and my hands have been swollen about 15 times. I think it’s stress or maybe allergies or maybe stress or maybe allergies…. ok I’ll quit 🙂

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