10 Things to Smile About September

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Oh goodness, last night was a rough night. I’m pretty much dragging this morning. Baby girl went to sleep around 8:45pm last night, then woke up around 10, just as we were going to sleep and it was on. She has 3 new teeth that have sprung up over night and I don’t know if that played into it or not, but I passed out somewhere around 2am. I’m not sure if she was awake or asleep by that point or not.

I can tell you none of us wanted to get out of bed this morning, that’s for sure. Hubby gets up about 30-45 minutes before I do on Tuesday mornings, let’s just say my butt was dragging soooooo bad. My mom meets me to get squirrel girl on my way to class, I sent her a text at 8am saying we were on our way, don’t think we forgot, we were just dragging.

But let’s not focus on that… because even though I’m tired and last night sucked, I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. I love that little girl so much and I am blessed. So keeping on that blessed feeling, let’s go ahead and see what the 10 reasons were to smile about in September!

In no particular order…

5. Squirrely Girly got a month older… she’s now 15 months. Holy Cow!

7. Tbug and I went and participated in the Ride for Life. We had so much fun and she went on and on thanking anyone and everyone for letting her go.

2. The first Chiefs home game of the season… even though they lost to the Denver Broncos…. blech! :). by the way, did you see they lost to the Packers last night. By 9:30pm I was tired and quit watching the game. They did score a few more points after that.

9. Fun jokes among friends.

1. 5 Years with this man.

10. A great trip to Mermet Springs with some really awesome people! (both in our vehicle! and the large group!!) (Mermet Springs Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

3. Riding horses and spending time with friends on Labor Day.

8. The funny moments in life.

4. Did you see that moon on Sunday night. Seriously! (btw I didn’t take this picture, it came off facebook. The guy was located on a rooftop in Dallas, TX)

6. I got an A and a B on a test. While you might think… okay… you have no idea how excited I was for BOTH those test grades! Whew.

And those are at least 10 reasons why I smiled this month… You definitely should come up with your own list because… it’s always good to smile, even when things are going bad. Now remind me of this the next time life gets tough. ha! 🙂

Happy Tuesday. Linking this with EmmyMom :).

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