A Letter to your Younger Self | Blogtober ’14

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Dear younger Nicole,

Let me start off by saying that life hasn’t exactly gone the way you planned but it’s definitely GREAT! The ride to get here has been quite interesting with some bumps in the road, but still, it has made you stronger. Don’t get discouraged. Oh and at one point you made the comment you needed to get a PhD… yeah scratch that. We’re doing good to get the Masters and I think we’re done. Ask me in a few years how I still feel about that though :). Baby girl says hi although you weren’t ever sure you wanted kids, she’s pretty darn great!! There are some things as an adult that looking back now I wish I would have done differently such as gotten my head out of my butt and went to Oklahoma State or dumped the stupid boy but still, if I had done those things differently then I might not be where I am today… married to my best friend, which always sounds so cliché. And don’t get me wrong, there are days we get under each other’s skin but it’s totally worth it. So, just know that that boy finally gets his head out of his rear and asks you out again, it only took him 10 years to do so… whatever. You both had to go make your name in the world and actually write your name in the world. His is written on a wall in Afghanistan and yours was written in the sand in Costa Rica. Life has a way of surprising you so just hold on and know that even now it surprises the heck out of you!

Old Lady Nicole 🙂

Helene in Between

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