Don't Freak Out!! It's Still Me!!!

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So when I started this blogging journey I didn’t even know what a blog was. As I’ve stated many times before, some guy that I went to college with started one and I thought what the heck, let’s check it out. So originally my name was Nicole J. Real creative right? Hey I didn’t know what a blog was.

Then slowly but surely I started slowly figuring out what it was all about…

So I got brave one day and changed my blogging name to That’s Life. I’m not sure why I did it or why I picked that title, I sure wish I did though, it would be fun to track the changes but sadly that was around 2010 and I can’t quite remember that far back, but anyway I chose That’s Life as the blog title name. Here is even one of my headers that was on the bloggity blog :).

Then eventually I started worrying about the negative connotation that had. That’s Life. Well I say that quite a bit, and I don’t mean it negative but it could very easily be taken negative at that so one day I started pondering a name change and wound up with Life’s a Beach.

Life’s a Beach came from the fact that my husband answers the phone that way sometimes, “Life’s a Beach wish I was on one.” Seriously who doesn’t wish they were on a beach, I guess those who prefer the mountains and snow? But anyway that’s where my blog made its home… Life’s a Beach.

So about a year ago or so, maybe a tad bit longer I really wanted to go the .com route so we started looking in to it. Well I learned that Life’s a Beach .com is a realty company out in California so that name was out. Shoot! Heck I even had to start an email address at lifesabeachtheblog which I wasn’t real keen on the idea of having The Blog attached to the end of it.

So I just continued on and would ponder names every now and again. I wanted something that really represented me but what about me could I represent? I pondered using my name in the title and I pondered this and I pondered that. So a couple weeks ago when we were driving up the East side of Arkansas and across the southern part of Missouri to come home from Memphis I finally came up with a new name.

I can’t remember who was driving at the time, but the other person started looking into the name (I think I was driving because I don’t remember looking up the name….) The name just so happened to be available.

I went ahead and sat on it a little bit and this week we finally bit the bullet and decided to start the switch over to my blog being called Midwestern At Heart and it will be at

I’ve had a few people catch on the subtle changes, because I haven’t even changed my header yet (I need to find time to create one) or my button, etc but if you type in which was my previous address it reroutes you to

It will also show up on the tab at the top as Midwestern at Heart. I just wanted to point this all out so that you guys didn’t freak out :). The end of school is majorly approaching and I’ve been busy writing papers so it’s a slow process but with the help of my wonderful husband it is coming along. So please bear with us while I give the el bloggy a make over and I love you all to pieces!!!!!

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