St. Patty’s Day, Absolutely Nothing & Melting Pot

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When I say we didn’t do much on this trip, I’m not joking. We woke up Monday morning, got up and headed downstairs for breakfast. Heck I didn’t even take my camera, but this is what I ate :). What’s really funny is this is a photo in the elevator and I kept looking at this telling hubby, that looks soooooo good!

Being St. Patty’s Day I shot Tbug a text and asked her if she was wearing green. She asked if I was and I shot her back a picture showing her I was. She was wearing camo.

We then went back upstairs and watched reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and laid around and did nothing. Around 10:30 or so we did pull out the extra piece of cheesecake we still had from The Cheesecake Factory.

Then around noon while we were sitting in the hotel, we started smelling something funny. Then the fire alarms went off. I had my laptop sitting on my lap so I closed it up and brought it with me (it was right there) and we went to leave the building. Funny thing is no one else was leaving. When we got to the first floor (we were only on the 2nd) NO ONE was upset about this so we went to the front desk to ask what was going on. The front desk told us that they were working on the elevator and nothing to be concerned about. We thought it would have been nice to know this in advance……

So we went back to our room and hubby grabbed some left overs we had between The Cheesecake Factor and Buca di Beppo and went to scout out a microwave so we could eat lunch. Then we vegged all afternoon until around 4 when I was tired of laying around and wanted to get up and move.

We had dinner reservations at 6pm at The Melting Pot down on the KC Plaza so we got in the car and headed that way. We got there a bit early so we walked around the Plaza for a while and finally decided we’d just go ahead and show up about 30 minutes early for our reservations.

We were seated at 6pm (after happy hour). Hubby and I both ordered coke to drink.

We did the 4-course meal option. That included a cheese, salad, entree and dessert. Our Cheese was the Fiesta blend. It was a blend of cheese and jalapenos and I can’t remember what all, and sadly I can’t find it on their menu right now :(. It was good though, let me tell you. It was served with a side of tortilla chips, apples, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots. YUM! I actually ate apples dipped in cheese which I’ve never understood but it wasn’t bad.

I went with a Caesar salad and hubby went with a dinner salad with Ranch Dressing. The ranch was good! My Caesar salad was good too! YUM!!

Then we chose our entree. Now I’m still having issues eating steak so hubby went The Classic which had Certified Angus Beef Sirloin, Memphis style BBQ Pork Medallions, Pacific White Shrimp, herb crusted all natural Chicken breast, and teriyaki marinated Sirloin. The chicken and pork was awesome in my opinion. I tried each steak but dang it, steak just really isn’t doing it for me, it’s all Peanuts fault. Hubby loved the steak, especially the teriyaki marinated sirloin. The joke was I went for the Vegetarian option, simply so we’d get vegetables as well. Very seldom will you ever hear me do that… lol. Mine came with edamame, Portobello Mushrooms, and asparagus served with Thai peanut marinated Tofu (never had tofu before this), spinach and artichoke ravioli, and wild mushroom sacchetti. Oddly enough the tofu wasn’t half bad.. although it had a weird texture in my opinion. The ravioli and sacchetti were awesome. The mushrooms were fabulous and that’s all I tried. I didn’t do an asparagus, but hubby did.

We were stuffed by this point, but still had another dish to come… dessert! We went with the Cookies ‘n Cream (although I’m not finding on the menu to describe by their terms). It was milk chocolate with flambéed Marshmallow cream and topped with oreo cookies. OMG it was awesome. I was a bit nervous at first because I’m not a huge marshmallow fan, but they went light on it and it gets mixed in so I didn’t even taste it. Holy cow was it yummy! Now being as though we’re not into marshmallows we asked they left those off the dipping plate so we got extras of other things. They were out of Cheesecake so we got, Red Velvet Cake, Brownies, Rice Crispy Treats, Bananas and Strawberries as dippers. YUM!

The cool thing was when we got their earlier in the evening, we found a spot to park on the street. It just so happened to be right outside the door to the Melting Pot so when we left, we had front door service. I was actually standing in the doorway taking this photo.

And that was our Monday!

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