Thanksgiving {in one post}

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Okay, one post.  Let’s get this show on the road.  We’re going to do Thanksgiving in 1 post which will make it photo heavy so get your eyes ready, your coffee brewed and whatever else you do!  This year’s Thanksgiving we headed down south.  My aunt and uncle live in southern Oklahoma and the NCHA Futurity is going on in Ft. Worth.  A guy that works for UB had a horse in the futurity show on Thursday morning so UB woke up at 4am and headed to Ft. Worth.  He said he’d work his horse and help Shane and then he’d be home so we planned our Thanksgiving meal around that time frame.

Hubby and I were in charge of the turkey.  Tbug helped AC with some of the appetizers and sides.  I jumped in and helped as well because we all know I love to cook.  But mostly I stood around and took pictures and drove my aunt nuts… haha.  I guess she didn’t know I’ve gotten into taking pictures of everything.  We had a very leisurely morning, appetizers for lunch and ate dinner around 4pm.

I guess now we’ll allow the photos to do their own talking, except I’ll help now and again :).

Don’t worry, I chopped the ‘shrooms after Tbug washed them.

We had eggs and bacon for breakfast Thursday morning.

One thing that I absolutely love is watching the Thanksgiving Parade.  Usually I don’t get the chance so it was exciting to see Santa Claus bringing an end to the parade.  Let the Christmas season come!

Dad was able to watch all the runs going on at the Futurity because I set my laptop up and he watched the live feed.

Appetizer lunches are the best.

Don’t show AC, she’ll disown me but it was soooo cute.

Happy Thanksgiving!

After we ate dinner we went to help AC set up her Christmas tree.

Tbug kept picking on me and I told her I’d sit on her.  She didn’t think I’d do it so I showed her.

One of my favorite comments of the night… This tree has to be like 10-20 feet taller than me.  Holy cow!  I’ll have you know the tree is 12′ tall. But it totally cracked me up.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and let the Christmas season commence.

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