How to: Eat a Fudge Pop

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So the other day hubby and I were eating Fudge Pops.  They’re sugar free but you sure can’t tell it, they taste great.  Anyway… I ate down to the stick and then hubby looked at me like I was eating it weird, so I thought I would share with you….

Once I get to the stick, then I turn it sideways and start biting to the stick.

See… That weird?

Once all of it is bitten off one side, I turn it over and start biting off the next side.

Until it is all gone, then I turn it again.

Once I am left with this side…

I just pry it off with my tongue and yum.  It’s all gone.  (by the way this is a horrible angle on me, just saying!)

And there you have it… How to eat a Fudge Pop the Nicole way, I guess… lol.  Does anyone else eat fudge pops this way?  Or am I just crazy?  Maybe you shouldn’t answer that last question.

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0 thoughts on “How to: Eat a Fudge Pop

  1. You crack me up. I think I should do a post on how I eat a Swiss Miss Little Debbie. Its very organized and detailed. I haven't had a fudge pop in a long ass time– maybe since I was a kid! I just dive into a big ole bowl of icecream instead….. and I have a method of eating that as well! 🙂 quirky!

  2. You are crazy! You are supposed to lick it not bite it! Actually when I was in high school that used to be all I would eat for breakfast. I actually got into my first accident while eating one of those. I was driving down my parents road and I looked down at it and someone backed out right in front of me and I t-boned them. haha

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