Embarrassing moments – Pop Tab Edition

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Ok so telling you about this might make you scratch your head at my sanity and that’s ok….

So back in like 2004ish we were discussing why Ronald McDonald house collected pop tabs to help with rooming fees.  I don’t remember who “we” was, I sure wish I did.  So whoever it was I was discussing this with (I really think my dad, but I don’t know) told me that they had more aluminum in them than a pop can.


So I went to dinner with my dad, uncle and grandpa and we all had pop cans so I started swipping pop tabs off the cans and my uncle asked me why.  I told him I was collecting them for the Ronald McDonald house.  He asked me why they collected them so I told them it was because they had more aluminum in them than the pop can.  I thought my uncle was going to fall off the bench we were sitting on laughing his butt off at me.

Sad thing is, that was close to 10 years ago and I still haven’t lived that comment down… anytime I’m around a pop can someone gives me fits about the pop tabs.

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  1. So why do they collect those? Is it just easier to get than the full can? I didn't know that Ronald McDonald house did it, I had always heard of people collecting them for kidney dialysis.

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