Our trip to the vet

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Poor little Rio hasn’t been feeling well. I called the vet and they got her in Wednesday. Tbug and I loaded her up and took her to see Dr. Kasie

Getting her loaded was a real treat… Marlie loaded up when normally she won’t and somewhere between loading Rio and unloading Marlie my leg took a hit.
Rio has never been to the vet but she never once threw a fit, even when we placed her on the table or when Dr. Kasie took her temp or when Dr. Kasie took skin samples.  I swear this is the sweetest dog ever.
She finally got tired of standing and laid down on the table. I picked her up and carried her to the scales. She weighs a whoppin 55.5lbs.

It was determined she has Mange. Dr. Kasie said that there are 2 types: hard to treat but non contagious or easy to treat but contagious. We have the easy contagious type so were treating all of the pooches.
When we went back into the exam room a kitty came in to greet us. Rio has never seen a cat that I know of. Kitty started rubbing up against Rio and  she got a deer in the headlights look, like what is this? Should I protect you?!?!

Then the kitty jumped on my lap so Rio decided it must be okay and laid down.

And that is our trip to the Vet. Rio is acting much better. Lets hope it keeps progressing that direction!!

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  1. It must me frightening for a pet to be unwell and taken to a vet they don't realise why they are being taken and don't know it is for their own good……

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