Marlie Doesn't Share Bones

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**Friend’s Lovers – Can you hear the line where I got the title??**

Over the weekend we went to PetSmart to get some things for the pups.  While we were there hubby found this really large rawhide bone.  He was like, “how funny would it be to see them fight over it?  Especially if Audrey were to get a hold of it.”

The thing is, it’s bigger than Audrey :).  So Sunday morning I was cleaning out the truck and set the bone up on the toolbox.  I told hubby and Tbug where it was just so if 3 of us knew, maybe we wouldn’t forget to at least grab it before we left if nothing else.  While I was still grabbing things in the house, hubby wanted me to grab my camera and come outside.  I guess the minute that hubby took the plastic wrap off, Marlie grabbed the bone out of his hand and took off.

I was trying to get her to come toward me, however she was soooo prancy I couldn’t get her to stand still.  One thing about this silly girl, she gets excited whether she has a bone or a piece of trash and she has to prance around for everyone to see.

Then she ran off toward the front of my car to play hide and seek with the rest of the dogs.

The minute Rio headed toward her, the front paw went on the bone and when Audrey headed her way down went the head.

She wouldn’t even let me grab it from her.  I was trying to get a hold of it for a comparison shot.  I finally got it away from her and handed it to Tbug.  She kept jumping up like I’ve never seen her jump before.  Finally we quit tormenting her and let her have it back and she ran off with it again.

I woke up Monday morning and she was sleeping next to it, placing herself between the bone and the other dogs.

To say Marlie was happy with this purchase would be a huge understatement!

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0 thoughts on “Marlie Doesn't Share Bones

  1. My favourite line to quote from Friends. 😉 Nobody ever gets it. And then I have to explain. 'Cause seriously, JILLY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!! hahaha!

    Your pups are super-cute!

  2. That is hilarious! I love the pictures 😀 Our dogs sort of do the same thing – Bailey has to have the toy but she will drop it in front of our other dog and right before he can pick it up she grabs it and runs ha ha!

  3. We gave our new lil' puppy the smallest rawhide bone and he was scared of it… I can't imagine what he'd do with that big honker!! It reminds me of getting a big BUBBLE CHEW gum in my mouth and getting sore from chewing it– but guess it will keep Marlie busy for a while!

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