Mother’s Day 2014

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A couple of days before Mother’s Day this year, hubby and I were at Walmart standing in the checkout line when it dawned on me that I wouldn’t get to see Tbug this year on Mother’s Day. Obviously, she needs to spend time with her mother on Mother’s Day but usually, our weekends fall on Mother’s Day weekend and she tells her mom she wants to see me so she stays a few hours in the morning and then we meet up to take her back to her mother for the majority of the day.

Last fall we swapped weekends someway somehow some reason 🙂 so she wasn’t with us this weekend. When this dawned on me I teared up. Yup, right in the middle of Walmart. Hubby thought it was cute, I thought I was being ridiculous because a girl needs to see her mother on Mother’s Day. I know that.

Strange coincidence, when we got home that night, her mom sent us a message that said she had to work on Mother’s Day and would we like to spend some time with Tbug on Mother’s Day. Heck yeah :). So we picked Tbug up Saturday night. Well, my momma said let’s do Mother’s Day dinner Saturday night so after we picked Tbug up, we met my parents and grandma at LongHorn for dinner. BTW, gotta love call ahead seating! Just saying!

My mom told us all she wanted was Diet Mountain Dew for Mother’s Day. Well, we got her 2 12 packs of that and 2 12 packs of Diet Coke plus we’ve been remodeling our kitchen (post coming soon) and we have under counter lights that she loved so we’re doing that in her kitchen for her as well.

For my grandma, we’ve been fixing up her RV for her and adding the lights to it as well.

Hubby, Tbug and Peanut got me 2 books (that I can read that aren’t school books yeehaw!!! :))

Peanut still isn’t allowing me to eat steak so I had a nice grilled Chicken breast (yup at a steakhouse) with a cheesy portobello mushroom and a loaded baked potato. Hello YUM!

On Mother’s Day, Tbug and hubby made me (and them too) Cinnamon Sugar Toast for breakfast (don’t tell my dr… lol).

Then we all got dressed and started working on lunch as my MIL, SIL, her Significant Other (I think we’re too old for the term boyfriend??) and FIL were coming for lunch. Hubby and Tbug were working on my request and I was working on Gravy.

My request you ask?? A Cherry Pie, but not just any Cherry Pie, Hubby, and Tbug’s cherry pie. It’s the bomb diggity! I went to the garage to get the cherry’s (from our cherry tree last year) and got out the pie crusts from the indoor freezer and told them that’s what I wanted :).

The day before we had my FIL make Fried Chicken so we had a lot of leftovers and that’s what we had. It was still fabulous! The gravy separated so I remade Gravy and then added some of the flavors from my FIL’s gravy to it so that it would taste like his/the chicken. My SIL made Cucumber salad and my FIL made a pasta salad.

Wes wasn’t sure about me taking pictures of EVERYTHING so I made it a point to get a picture of him just for the occasion. I love it when new people see me taking pictures of everything. It really doesn’t stop me.

My SIL made Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies. I sadly didn’t get a picture of that… go figure I take pictures of everything but sometimes forget.

And then my request… The Cherry Pie!!! YUM!

And that was Mother’s Day 2014. I sure hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day!!!

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