Uncle Julio’s – Ft. Worth

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One place that we like to eat at in Ft. Worth is Uncle Julio’s.  I have no idea how my parents found it but it sure is good!  We try to make it there at least once on our trips down there… key word: at least once.  Maybe that’s more like a key phrase.

Their chips are made fresh, I know this because you watch them make them as you walk through the door.  Hubby says this is some of the best salsa he’s had.  Fairly certain they use fire roasted tomatoes because you can taste a bit of a smokey flavor in the background.

Ah, and the Chile Con Queso.  Although after we ordered this I read the “Cowboy Queso” description and though hmmmm, that sounds yummy!  Not sure I’ve ever had that though.

It was funny because I walked in and pretty much ordered everyone but hubby’s on the first guess; what hubby ordered I had in the top 3 choices.  Yup, I’m pretty much that good.  I had a harder time ordering for myself….

Mom ordered their fajitas.  The only part where she threw me for a loop was I said she’d go all beef and she went beef & chicken :).

Fajitas Especial
Beef and chicken fajitas plus sautéed fresh peppers and onions, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream

Back home at a Mexican restaurant I introduced hubby to Flautas.  We’ve decided we both prefer chicken over the beef.  I was 95% certain my dad would order the flautas and I had that as one of the 3 choices I had for hubby.  Dad went with Beef, hubby went with Chicken.

I finally chose to go with the Three Crispy Taco plate.  I’m a connoisseur of tacos and I must say these were pretty darn good!  I ate all three of them and wasn’t even that hungry, they were just that good.

Truthfully I’m not sure you can go to Ft. Worth without eating at Uncle Julio’s, but that’s just my opinion of course :).

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