If I Ran For President

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So I’m way behind the times, but I saw this cute blog post written back in January and I thought I’d create my own “agenda”.  And no, since I’m so late I can’t do the link up :(.  Oh well, with today being the big day, I thought I would let ya’ll know if I were running for president, where I stand….

If I ran for President…

~Students would still be required to learn how to read & write in cursive even if they used a computer all the time.

~Teachers, Students & all school officials could pray without worrying about losing their job or being considered offensive.

~Teachers wouldn’t be at the bottom end of the pay scale either, they’re what teach all the other yeywho’s (aka all of us who aren’t teachers)

~The Pledge of Allegiance would only be said in English. 

~Kids don’t need cell phones at 4-16 years of age… once they start driving, get a standard cell phone so they can’t text and drive but can call in case of an emergency.

~Every worker would be guaranteed at least 4 weeks of vacation a year if not more.  Life is tooooo short to work it away.

~All retail type stores would be closed Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas so that all families could spend time with their loved ones, obviously unfortunately we can’t totally rule out ambulance, hospital, fire &/or police.  Sorry guys, but  you would be highly compensated for working on those holidays and you wouldn’t be pulled away from your family for every one of those holidays a year.

Fallen Hero’s Memorial Pony
{Painted Ponies}

If I ran for President…

~All students before they graduate would have to take a class proving they understood paying bills and debt and what happens if you lose everything.

~Four day work weeks would be an option for everyone.  (either 5/8’s or 4/10’s)

~6 months (min)-1 year maternity leave.  6 weeks Paternity leave for the fathers.

~Affordable Higher Education for all who wanted it.

~Strict guidelines for Welfare checks.  No cigarette buying or alcohol buying if you’re on welfare. And random drug testing.

~Little girls wouldn’t be allowed to dress like a 20 year old, end. of. story.  Only age appropriate attire would be offered for them.

~Little kids wouldn’t be subject to all the “sex” in society so that they could be little kids longer as opposed to giving up their innocence so early.

~And Gas companies couldn’t stick it to us with the verbiage “higher cost to produce raises prices” when they’re showing record breaking profits.

Obviously by this, if I ran for president, I’m not working on huge major issues, I’m focusing on smaller issues that may in fact affect those huge major issues. And some of the huge issues aren’t being addressed here, but still…

Ok I guess what I’m really trying to say, Go Vote!  Men, Women, White, Black, Purple, Green, Whatever you are, whoever you are, a lot of people died for this great country so you had the right to vote.

I did :).

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  1. All those little things are so important, and they add up to so much. Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy? I am so afraid of that actually happening to our country. If you haven't seen it seriously go watch it, it is a comedy but definitely has a meaning behind it.

  2. I just recently heard that they weren't teaching cursive recently, and I was like, “WTF??” I think it should ALWAYS be part of the curriculum. I'd vote for you!

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