Meet the Latest of the Gang!

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First off, Let’s take care of some house keeping issues….. Did you read my post yesterday?  If not, you should go here and read it and if you want, register your blog on the world map!! It’s very easy to do and I’m trying to help bloggers find bloggers 🙂

Now on to regularly scheduled programming!


Saturday morning at O-Dark Thirty hubby and I got up and headed to my parents house.  Actually… we were up at 4:57 (so I get to count that as being up in the 4o’clock hour) and we got to my parents house at 6:30.    Don’t do the math, it will hurt your head :).

My dad found a Australian Shepherd Red Merle female on Craigs List and after a few emails and a bunch of texting, we decided we were headed to Peru to get her.  That would be in Kansas, just in case you wondered.  They said she was about 10 months old.

We started the negotiations on Thursday and were ready to drive out there Thursday night but by the time we got texts back it was too late to head that direction.  We tried to go Friday night but the people had stuff to do so Saturday it was.  My parents wanted to go too to see her so Saturday morning we all loaded up and headed to Peru.  Remember, that’s in Kansas.  We had to be there at 8:30, 9am at the latest.

And look at this pretty girl who came home with us.

Now what’s really funny about this photo is, she is an Aussie, not a Yellow Lab like Marlie, yet our Aussie loves the water and my yellow Lab is scared of it.  I haven’t figured this out yet…. when I do I’ll keep you updated.

So meet our newest baby girl :).

She’s quite the newest addition to our dog family.  🙂

0 thoughts on “Meet the Latest of the Gang!

  1. Ohhhh so cute!! Posts like this make me want to get a puppy… Hope you're enjoying the newest addition! 🙂

  2. She is sooo cute!!! I'm happy for you!!! And I love that she likes water! My dog–a beagle–hates baths AND car rides. She's so backwards!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh my gosh she is way too cute! I would love an Australian Shephard, maybe one day when we get property.
    Our black lab LOVES water! We can't get him away from it.

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