I owe, I owe, It's off to work I go.

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I had so many different ideas for a blog post today, but none of them happened.  Partially because I have a cold, partially because we have no AC at my house.  You take your pick.

Friday at work I started feeling awful.  That feeling that you’ve been crying and now your eyes are swollen, but you haven’t been.  Friday night we made plans to eat dinner with my parents and my grandma.  The car showed 100ish degrees, I laid back and we had the windows down and I was actually feeling ok.  Does that tell you how I felt?

We decided to go eat at Johnboat Cafe.  On my birthday Monday we ate at Red Lobster and my grandma kept talking about wanting Gumbo.  Johnboat has Gumbo, so we decided we’d take Grandma to get her Gumbo.

When we got to our house after picking up Tbug from Cheer, we were greeted by a Sonic Blast of heat.  Not a good sign, especially when you hear your AC running!

I didn’t feel good, hubby was upset about the AC, we finally gave up and went and stayed the night at my parents house.

This was the beautiful sunrise we woke up to Saturday morning.

My parents house has lots of windows.  Tbug got to sleep on the love seat and when I went downstairs, my dad said look at this.  I guess the light was a bit bright for her.  She used the puppy dog to block the sun.

Saturday night my mom & hubby decided we were having stuffed jalapenos & steaks for dinner.  While hubby was out grilling the steaks a freak rain storm blew in.  Supposedly bad weather hit around us – info via facebook.  My dad is on one of the local road districts and he got a call saying there were tree limbs down everywhere.  

I spent most of Sunday in bed.  I didn’t feel good and I didn’t want to make other people sick so I just stayed in bed away from everyone.  We had some pizza dough in the fridge from last Thursday night we needed to use, so I suggested pizza for dinner.  Isn’t my hubby the sweetest?  He made what I asked for.

So that was my weekend.  Now it’s Monday morning and I still have this dadgum cold.  Grrrr!  I really want to be sleeping but… I owe I owe, it’s off to work I go.

Peace out & happy Monday!

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  1. That sucks! Hope you feel better soon. A guy at my work was just telling me that his wife (who is pregnant and almost 2 weeks over due) got a nasty head cold over the weekend. Talk about miserable!

  2. My dad is on one of the local road districts
    For some reason, I expected you to say he brought home a road kill possum or some such, Haha!

    Get well, soon, Nicole. *hugs* ♥
    Chicken broth and vitamin C really does help. :o)

  3. Sorry you weren't feeling good! I like having the light come in in the morning! It helps me wake up easier. Will hates it, though. hehe

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