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So it’s really fun to day dream, right?

I swear, I was born to marry a farmer (sorry honey, I’m glad I married you!  I wouldn’t change/trade you for the world!!).  But boy I wish we could make our living as farmers.  I love the heat (I’m weird like that, blame it on a summer birthday), I love farm machinery.  I like being out there driving tractors and big trucks.  Yes, I was made for farm life.  Maybe that’s why I pursued my degree in Agriculture??

Anyway, this last weekend was the Four State Farm Show over in Pittsburg, KS, so we headed over to check out all the new cool gadgets :).  It’s like a farmer’s dream! haha.

Seriously, what farmer do you know that doesn’t want this!

I found my dream tractor!

While I’m adding my tractor to my list of things I want, lets add a combine also.  K?

It’s only $250K.  That’s chump change!

And if you bought me a combine, color doesn’t matter, I promise!

I just want this truck.  no reason.  Well maybe to pull my horse trailer with!

This was seriously the length of one row….

I saw in a magazine one time a few years ago that people were taking Silo’s and making houses out of them.  Boy I sure thought I wanted one of those at the time :).  Maybe not so much anymore, but how cool would it be?

Currently right now all we farm on our land is hay.  I’d love to have soybeans and corn and wheat and yada yada, although with this drought, yikes.  That’s kind of scary thought!

Anyway it was fun climbing around on all the latest and greatest farm equipment. 

7 thoughts on “Farmers

  1. Well glad somebody likes that kind of stuff and wants to do it 🙂
    One of my best friends in college her father was a farmer and she swore she would not become a farmer's wife and she knew how hard it was.
    Married her husband-a computer major– who worked for a couple of years wasn't happy– and is now her in her family business. Yep, she is a farmer's wife 🙂 But she is actually happy too

  2. I always wanted to marry a farmer too. 🙁 but nnnooooO i fell in love with a fisherman! Good thing is i can still go farm with my parenta

  3. That's what I was going to say. Take a look at the record heat and droughts.
    The only plus to marrying a farmer, is if you were lucky, you wouldn't have to worry when food prices start to go up.

    Have a great week!

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