Another Walk Down Memory Lane

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I decided to share more photos from my Facebook page.  I dunno, sometimes it is fun to go back and look at these.  I can see a difference in myself from the first one (seen here) to the second bunch (seen here) to these.  And these only go up to about April of 2010.  That was 2 years ago.  Dang!  What’s even harder to believe is next month will have been 3 years since I went on my first date with my hubby.

Over the weekend we were talking about how long he and his friend Robert have known each other.  16 years.  Dang that seems like a lifetime… ok maybe not but still, that is the age I was when I graduated high school :).  But really, they’ve known each other longer than they haven’t, if that makes sense.  They both turn 30 this year.

So then we got to talking about how long we’ve known each other {hubby and me} and we’re at 15 years.  I’ve still known him longer than I haven’t.  We met when I was 13 years old, technically we probably met before that, but I really can start to remember the obnoxious Tuba player starting my 8th grade year of school.  And our friendship started blossoming in 9th grade when he’d sing in class with me.  Now I wasn’t a student who acted out, but this one teacher would get under my skin and I’d sing, Garth Brooks “Two Pina Coladas”.  Yes, I know very uncool of me.

Anyway moving on….  Another walk down Memory Lane

Our First Christmas together.

Trying to learn my first dSLR which was a Canon Rebel XS.

Facebook had something going around once on show yourself as a kid.  This is my mom’s favorite photo of me as a child.

Just some random shot I took.  We were actually moving sheep around.

An early Sunday morning after Church.  It was actually very gray, my first attempt at photoshop.

Will You Marry Me

Our weekend trip to Branson the day after he proposed.

Wedding dress shopping.  Boy I was scared of this!  They almost had to take me kicking and screaming!  In fact the joke was they thought they were going to have to get me drunk.  No they didn’t, but I didn’t want to go.

Our engagement photos

I think it was this time that I looked up at him and said, “This feels so real.”  and it brought a little tear to his eye.

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  1. That pic of you as a little girl is adorable!! I recognize most of these pics 🙂 You're in the time period when I started to get to know you! Weird to think of it that way, eh?

  2. Awww….how sweet! I love looking back down memory lane also. But sometimes I think, “MAN, I look OLD now” so I don't like to do it very often! HA!

    I wish I had a pic of Mike proposing to me. It was very romantic and a day I will never forget.

    Thanks for linking up!!

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