Times Fun….

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Time’s Fun When you’re having Flies
                                                                   ~Kermit the Frog

I believe Kermit said it best!  Ok maybe not… I’m not going to eat flies, but……………..
Time sure does fly.  Especially the older we get.  Although I wonder why that is…
Well anyway…. a few month’s ago Janna over at Perception is Everything was talking about percentages.  And in doing so it got me to thinking about my percentages.
My husband and I went to school together starting in Kindergarten.  {Yes, we went to the same school} 
  • I started Kindergarten at age 5.
  • I am now 28 (but in a few short days will be 29)
  • So that means 28-5 is 23.
  • I’ve had the chance to know him for 23 years.
  • Or 82% of my life.
  • YIKES!

We were in different Kindergarten, I was AM he was PM.  We had different 1st grade teachers, I had Mrs. Thayer and he had Mrs. Craighton.  Probably only ran into him on the recess ground.  Then 2nd grade I switched schools.  {At the time our town had 6 grade schools, 1 junior high and 1 high school}

7th grade our paths met back up.  We should have met.  We didn’t have any classes together though.  We probably passed in the halls because all 7th grade lockers were together.  We probably met in the cafeteria, maybe, maybe not.

8th grade we finally had a class together – Band.  I was the dorky Clarinet player and he was the obnoxious Tuba player.  What can I say, we were band geeks. ha!

  • I was 13 in 8th grade
  • I am now 28 (but remember in 5 days I’ll be 29)
  • So that means 28-13=15
  • So I’ve known him for 15 years of my life
  • or 54% of my life.
  • Holy Cow

9th grade we had more classes together.  We got in trouble together once.  {Keep your heads out of the gutter people!}  We were singing in class… I got mad at the teacher and started singing {yeah don’t ask} and he joined in with me.  Oddly enough, that year we became friends.  I must admit at first I couldn’t stand him but he grew on me 🙂

  • I was 14 in 9th grade
  • We’ve already established I’m 5 days away from being 29 but that still means I’m 28
  • So… 28-14=14
  • Kind of backwards of the previous or reverse or something
  • So I’ve been friends with him 14 years of my life
  • or 50% of my life

We’ll just skip over the fact in 10th grade he asked me out, but I couldn’t answer him fast enough before he found someone different.  {Sorry I throw that out there every chance I get.  Maybe someday I’ll drop it…..}

We graduated high school, went our separate ways.  I went to college and Costa Rica and got a job.  He got a job, joined the Military, got discharged and became a Civilian Contractor at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.  We led completely different lives.  Our paths never crossed even though we were from the same hometown.

Then, this crazy thing happened in 2009 that flipped my boat upside down.  One month 2 days before I turned 26 I found this long lost friend from high school. 27 days later I went on my first date with him.  That date changed my life forever.

  • I was 25
  • 5 days before I turned 26.
  • Three years we’ve been together
  • He didn’t give up on me even though I wanted to give up on me.
  • I didn’t think anyone would love me.
  • I didn’t think anyone would want to be with me.
  • He did.
  • We’ve been together for 3 years.
  • 28-25=3
  • 3/28= 0.1071428571428571
  • We’ve been together 11% of our lives.
It may not be the best photo… taken with a Crackberry at 3am, but it’s the first picture to forever!

 Happy Dating Anniversary baby!  I love you!

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  1. So cute 🙂 Thanks- now I'm trying to work out what my percentages are with my hubby! And happy dating anniversary 🙂

  2. Very cool to see all those percentages…I do believe you guys were just simply meant to be! 🙂

  3. How fun to track the way you got together with numbers and how you have known each other since kinder.. that's awesome!! So rare to find love that goes back that far! Congrats!!

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