365 – April – Photos 213 – 242

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213/365 – April Fool’s Day. It wasn’t supposed to rain today

214/365 – I hate severe weather! This was during a Tornado Warning at 9:15pm. Yes that’s PM… I caught this picture out the window when lightening flashed… And no I’m not crazy enough to check this stuff out if there’s threat! Just clarifying.

215/365 – Addison decided to do a little redecoration for me. Whatever if she was having fun I can clean this up easily!

216/365 – Who’s we? You got a mouse in your pocket? Yes, in fact I do. (And it was in fact all the way in my pocket but you couldn’t tell what it was without pulling it out like this…. What I didn’t want to lose my mouse)

217/365 – Happy Easter from the Midwestern at Heart!

218/365 – Baby #3 made his appearance today!!

219/365 – It’s sooooo hard to walk into class when the weather is 70+ and this gorgeous outside!

220/365 – No sugar? no problem… use Brown sugar and YUM! Thank you Dano & Webb City Gringos

221/365 – Hi daddy! Taken while sending daddy a picture

222/365 – One pooped baby. I was told she was the best baby seen in multiple stores by one gal. haha.

223/365 – The grass is greener on the other side… Apparently…

224/365 – Spring Cleaning the trailer and we found a halter I got 15ish years ago, still brand spankin new.

225/365 – So what? I’ve spent 9 months writing this paper and I’m still not sure I have a so what? So what?

226/265 – Someone thought he needed to go for a ride… he wasn’t going to get left if the truck left anyway….

227/365 – Baby went to his new home today. The woofer was a lot of fun while he was here though! I hope his new family enjoys him!

228/365- Donk! Isn’t he cute?!?!

229/365 – Interesting clouds for sure!

230/365 – So it didn’t Rain at Trails for Kids… It POURED! That didn’t stop us but dang! (Feet in this picture: Deb, Macy, Tucker, Me, Mark)

231/365 – Why did it rain today? Because we FINALLY washed my car. At least I finally got new windshield wipers too!

232/365 – You know you’re a parent when you have one of these sitting in your car. Better yet… It rode 80+ miles sitting in that exact spot…

233/365 – Squirrely Girly’s boots came in!!! No her feet aren’t that big, they’ll be a bit big right now.

234/365 – If you’re running late, don’t ride with me. You’ll inevitably hit every red light on the way. Apparently I’ve just upset the light Gods somewhere along the way… haha (on another note I told Tbug that one day and she told me there’s only one God. I told her I know, I’m just kidding… something has to explain all the red lights I sit at)

235/365 – Dano… I’m not a total procrastinator!! My paper was due at 9am Friday and I submitted it at 10pm Thursday although it was done at 3pm. I waited so long to submit waiting on the professor to answer me, she still hadn’t when I submitted it so I went ahead and turned it in… but I had it done 18 hours before it was due

236/365 – Who wants cupcakes?

237/365 – Blogger meet up lunch. Yum!

238/365 – I’m 10 months old today. How in the world did that happen?!?!

239/365 – Last night of class, we went to the bar. I stuck with Coke, especially since I had an hour drive home.

240/365 – The last book of the semester and you can’t even tell what it is because of the Used stickers. Whatever… it’s Le Morte D’arthur. This is the last class before finals week. Wish me luck!

241/365 – baby girl wanted to work on regulators like daddy

242/365 – Walking across the practice field headed to the Chiefs Draft Party!!!

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