Sunset & Puppy Love

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One of my favorite things is a gorgeous sunset.  And if you’ve noticed, the sun is starting to set later and later.  That my friends means summer is coming!  Yey summer!  Hey, I always said I was born in summer, so I love the heat!

Although I love a good rainstorm too, as long as there isn’t bad weather (ie tornadoes) involved.  Just sayin!

But with the schedule I lead, it’s nice to just go out in the field and enjoy sitting there photographing a sunset with my wonderful husband and of course our loving dogs!

The other night when we got home from work I ran in the house, changed clothes and we ran out to watch the sunset.  I thought it might be kind of fun to take some photos with my fisheye lens which I don’t hardly ever play with.  But come on, how seriously cool is this photo 🙂

Then we conned girlfriends into running down in the field where we were staked out, but they had other ideas instead of having their pictures taken… they wanted some lovins.

And of course nothing beats a good belly scratch, Just ask Marlie Boo Boo

You’ve heard the saying, You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours… case in point.

And of course we can’t forget miss Audrey Fur Fur.  Yes that is her full name, Audrey Fur Fur :).

And trust me, when one gets too much attention, the other will let you know, maybe even with a wet willy… just sayin.

And that folks, I’m going to admit, might be a great evening!  🙂

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  1. I love summer too…I'd really like to just skip Spring this year and head right into summer. I've had enough storms to do me a lifetime.

  2. Awww, y'all are so cute! Our dogs are the same way…pet one and you all of a sudden have three trying to get in your lap!

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