Sometimes & Always

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Sometimes I sit on my leg at work.
Always my leg screams at me.  My knee screams at me.  And I wish I had better posture.

Sometimes I think we should branch out and try to watch different movies.
Always we revert back what we have DVR’ed which is Easy A, Grown Ups, Last Holiday, When in Rome & Just Go With It.

Sometimes I think I would like to move off to some exotic place
Always I remember, I can’t very easily pack up my parents and move them too.

Sometimes I want to delete reeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy bad photos
Always I generally tend to throw them in the folder and file them away anyway.

Sometimes I really want to drink a coke
Always remember that I haven’t had pop since January 2nd and am trying to steer clear of it.

Sometimes I want to write a fashion post.
Always remember I’m really not all that fashionable but I survive 🙂

Sometimes we try to take serious pictures.
Always something funny goes on and we wind up with some cute photos anyway 🙂 {Ok not really but I had to throw this one in there anyway.}

0 thoughts on “Sometimes & Always

  1. I ALWAYS sit like that at work and then when I have to get up and walk to the printer, I look like I'm drunk or something because my entire leg is asleep. My co-workers and I laugh about it all the time, but it's a comfortable way to sit (at first).

  2. Found your blog through the Sometimes and Always link up!

    I sit like that everyday at work! My foot falls asleep! And then I regret it!

  3. Haha I always sit like that and then I complain when my whole leg falls asleep. The boy absolutely loves it.

    I wish I could give up coke, but it's my one guilty pleasure!

  4. I love watching different movies, but I have my stand-by collection that never seem to grow old, too!

    Great picture 🙂

  5. I have really bad circulation so I know whatcha mean about your knee screaming at you.

    I have some of my fav movies on our DVR to watch when all else fails. It's ok!!

    Cute pics of you guys!! Love the Christmas in shorts one! HA!

    Thanks for linking up with us! xoxo

  6. Sometimes I say I just want ONE day off where I don't have to anything.
    Always I remember whenever I say that I get sick.

    I will drink the pop for you! Someone's gotta take it for the team. 😉

  7. Awww, that last photo is precious! I love it. I have been trying to cut back on soda, too. But I miss the carbonation…that bubbly feeling is the best!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!

  8. My legs do the same thing, mine also enjoy falling asleep 🙂
    Love Easy A! My go to movies lately have been The Town (gotta love Ben Affleck with an accent), The Roommate (no idea why haha), and a ton of other movies that I've seen one too many times haha. I have figured out the best way to watch a different movie is to just pick something random, and hope it's good 🙂
    More power to you on not drinking Coke, it's my go to morning drink 🙂

    Hope you're having a great day!

  9. I often think I want to pack up and move away but like you, I have family keeping me here 🙂

    WOW- You are doing REALLY well not drinking soda. I so wish I could quit.

    Have a good week!!!

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