And They're Off

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Let’s head to the races, where it’s Mom against Daughter

And here are the contenders….

Ready?  Three….. Two…… One…….

And they’re off…..

It looks like momma might be in the lead….

But daughter is going to catch up.

And this is going to be a close race… they’re in sync

Oh NO, is momma going down?

Daughter is taking the lead

But momma’s not going down without a fight.

Here they go.

Yikes, who’s winning?

Uh oh… is momma giving up?

Now Daughter is….

But wait, daughter is making a come back.

And here comes momma’s second wind.

She might even take Daughter

But in the end, It’s age before beauty, or something like that.

Who did you place your bets on?

{It so felt like running like Pheobe on that Friend’s episode.  Yes I’m referencing Friends again.  It happens.}

Yes, studying for A&P tests non stop for a day will make you go crazy.  It’ll cause you to need a break and sometimes, the best entertainment is cheap and in the form of a camera.  I have a test tonight.  Wish me luck!  I’m so going to need it!


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  1. Haha, you guys are too cute. I love the Friends reference! When Dylan and I go running, we like to run like Phoebe for just a minute. It makes it more fun!

  2. I so want to do this now! hahaha! And I love that episode. Plus the one where she learned to ride a bike.

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